Thursday, January 17, 2013

Past and Future

Upon looking at the calendar early this morning, it has already been 18 days today since this year embarks.  And I have been contemplating what would have been the fruitful and memorable stuff, I would rather say, the things that truly pleased in God’s sight, which I had done in 2012. And I would like to recall also the things in the past and future that I really need to improve for this year, 2013.

As I gazed back, I found a few things:

1.       I was able to re-read the Bible, the Old Testament twice and half of the New Testament once. Although it was my goal to finish reading the books of the Bible in a year. Since, I re-read  the Old Testament twice, so I wouldn't be able to finish reading to the New Testament.
2.       I have been handling 3 cell groups in a week. And I have been so thankful to God for using me to mentor His children and to usher souls to HIS feet. And all my cell group members have been growing in their faith. This is very important in Kingdom’s sake.
3.       My family members have been growing in the Lord, although, there have been lots of shaking in all aspects, but God finally settled and calmed down everything. I would heartily say, God has given us the victory to face every attack of the enemy. Thank you Lord for protecting my whole family members.
4.       I was able to teach Sunday Class for the adult and young people.
All the Glory belongs to my Faithful God alone.

Here are the things that I needed to improve in 2013

1.       Finish reading the whole Books of the Bible.
2.       Increase my time in studying and meditating the word of God
3.       Increase my prayer time
4.       To reach out the lost through Bible Study.
5.       To improve my English ability.
6.       To lose more kilos. The bad thing that really happened to me in 2012, I gained too much weight, for me, it was beyond my expectation.
7.       To do my diet honestly and do my exercise regularly.

I am very sure that I couldn't do these if I am lack of determination to do. But I will really try to do my best to do faithfully of what I have been written above. So, please help me, dear Lord. 

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Anonymous said...

It's nice to rest and read your bible on those type of days