Sunday, August 26, 2012

Faithful God of the Harvest-Mellow Yellow Monday

We just celebrated God’s great faithfulness in the church, for two years God blesses us so much, and He saved lots of souls through our lives, and His church has been growing continually, I remember that at first there were only less than twenty of His children left, but we never stop declaring and worshipping our  True and Living God. Until, we’ve proved that we have been in a right tract in continuing the fellowship, and we always believe that when God blesses His church nobody could quench the power of God to bless His church, His people, and Ministry, and everything that He has bestowed unto His children.  After to what had happened to His church two years ago, He truly restored what has been broken, and blesses it bountifully. Indeed, He is the God who truly sees the situation, and He is the God who restores everything.

When God is at work, surely His work will expand continually, and because God blsses His church, just this last week, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. And because of His great faithfulness, He increases the number of His children to come to church and worship Him alone. From less than 20 God increases the numbers into 100 plus worshippers every Sunday, that’s only during the second worship, not to mention the first service attendees. Glory to GOD alone.

All I can say, God would always at works during the tribulation of HIS church. Indeed, He alone who receives all the glory and honor.

By the way, our theme was the one written on the tarp, and I would love to join this photo on today’s mimi, yellow mellow. Indeed, He is the God of the harvest.
What have been written on this photo was our theme on our second church anniversary. This is a tarp only, but this really looks pretty in the pulpit in the our church, I would that this a beautiful tarp . To God be the glory!



Nina said...

God Bless You!

Liz said...

Beautiful post. Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC
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eJoops said...

Such an inspirational post!

chubskulit said...

A wonderful celebration!

Jazzbumpa said...

Yellow - like god - is where you find it.


Leah H. said...

I agree and that is a perfect entry for the MYM meme:)

Visiting from MYM-Hope you can stop by..