Saturday, February 18, 2012

Women's Fellowship

When I was in my second year high school, a couple conducted a Bible Study where I worked as a working student. The BS was conducted one a week, during the few times of our BS my young mind understood the fully meaning of life, and the most precious gift in life. And to make the very long story short, I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my savior. And since then, I fully committed my whole life to my savior.
And at the moment that I should find a greener pasture, I decided to leave the place where I used to work as working student. And I continued my schooling, and I took up a vocational course, and this time, I stayed at the couple whom God used that I opened up my life to HIM in full. So since, I was staying with my spiritual parents, my spiritual growth as well as my faith was increasing rapidly. In fact, while I was studying, I handled lots of Bible Studies with some of my school mates. And I was being trained to reach others for Christ, so until now, I am still caring that passion.

And of course, I would always love to join the church activities, so, all of the activities at church I don’t really like to miss. Therefore, if there would be activity of all the auxiliaries, I would always be present even if it’s the women’s or men’s fellowship I would never miss them.

So today, it was our women’s fellowship at church, and during the praises and testimonies, I said, finally I am an official member of the women’s fellowship because I am matured enough to be one of the women. Cool. And I am very excited to join the couples’ fellowship that will be held next month. Though, I am still single but I would really love to join these kinds of fellowship.

I am really glad that I am part of the women’s fellowship at church. By the way, my spiritual mother is next to me, she is wearing black top too. Look? I am bigger than her. One thing that I truly admired her, she is a woman of integrity and a woman of Faith.

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