Sunday, July 31, 2011


Yesterday, I attended the women Fellowship at the church in the village wherein there have been many delegates from other churches in Bukidnon.

Actually, on Friday night I really doubted whether I would go to the village and attend the fellowship because of the few reasons. But I would only share one reason. My first was I wanted to look after my niece whose teeth were extracted in the morning. Because I looked after her at night, she was not really feeling well. She almost cried every time and then and if I fed him she doesn’t want to eat. I am so concerned of her situation but when we got up in the morning, I tried to feed her and she ate quite a lot and she didn’t cry anymore and she looked happier compared from the previous day. Then I asked her to take a bath and she did. Then bathing and dressed her up. I told there that I would be going to attend a women’s fellowship in the village. And she asked me if I would come home after the fellowship and I told her not because I would be sleeping in the parsonage after my Bible Study, and I would be coming home on Sunday morning. Then she asked me why it’s too long for me to come home. I did explain to her the reason and she understood.

Well, well back to the fellowship, I was so happy that I made to join the fellowship because the word of God was so powerful and its message I believed that I was for me. Besides, I met my former co-young people before and now they were all married have their own children. Actually, when I saw them from the distant I knew that I knew them so I came closer to them and greeted them. Unfortunately, they never recognized me anymore. But I tried to introduce myself to them once again. And that’s the time, they remembered, where and how we’ve met. According them, I changed a lot but I was too shy to ask what kind of changes they we’ve seen to me or talking about. Anyway, I was really happy that I decided to go to the village even I was a bit late when I arrived at the venue, before the preacher preached, so I was still able to hear the word of God.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Self Hosting

Last night, when I checked my email, I received an email from wp and the staff was telling me to delete a certain blog post. Honestly, I don’t want to delete that post because it’s paid one.  And I was very scared because I don’t know what would happen to my blog if I would not delete the link that they asked me to delete with. And I didn’t really know what to do. Honestly, my hands and body were shaking while reading the mail because I was so terrified.

So, I posted a shout out in the status of my facebook, asking for the help of my fellow bloggers, what I should be doing. And not long enough, a friend, told me what to do, she told me that I should back up my blog. I don’t have any idea how to do it, and she told me where I could find it. In addition, she sent the url of her blog for me to read and follow what to do. Yes, I understood what has been written in my friend’s blog, but since, I don’t have confident to do it, and I was really scared to click the word “export” so I asked my friend to do it for me, instead. And with her kind heart, she did it immediately, she back up my blog in her computer. Then after she did it, I had the courage already to do it in my computer and finally done it. So, after backing up my blog, I already have confidence that my blog is safe for a couple of days, I guess.

As of this time, I am really looking forward to buy a cheapest self-hosting web and I've been waiting for a reply from the self hosting owner to give me the details of the prices, so that I will not be worried anymore to receive any email from the staff of wp. And I will be happily writing the paid articles if there will be some to write about.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Scripture And a Snapshot 1- Isaiah 40:8

I captured this photo a few months ago and I am thinking to join this meme so this is my entry for today. Have a  blessed Sunday everyone. More entries please click the badge below. Blessings.
Note: My apology for my error in the scripture....I should take....our God.....  but I didn't notice it earlier. I only noticed it when I submitted....My apology.

Healing- TSMSS

I've been sick for a few weeks already. And I've been pondering what has been happening to me. And praying for God's miracle healing in my life. I know and I believe that by HIS stripes I am healed. And I was browsing some songs in youtube and I found the song that really encouraged me to rely everything unto the LORD's mighty hand. This song is truly ministered into my heart. Actually, it is my first time to listening this song. It's really great. Please try to listen to this song and I hope you will be blessed.

More encouraging songs please don't hesitate to click the badge below. And a wonderful weekend everyone.

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Since I submitted my blog to a certain person, I was really hoping and praying that it would qualify of her qualifications. Many days had past but I haven’t received any replied from that person. And I've often read on the shout out of my friends on facebook that they had got a reply from the person and with opportunities and some other friends shout out that they received payment already. And every time I read their shout out I always wished and prayed with much hoped that someday I would be able to receive a noticed. But days ran no email yet.

And the other night, I was half asleep, I was really wishing or dreaming, and I've sort of dreaming that I finally got a replied from the person whom I submitted my blogs. Then, when I turned on my computer and came online. I immediately checked my email, and there it went, it has an email from someone that telling me and asking me, if it was okay with me to do the tasks with specific amounts. Huh, without any delayed, I immediately did the tasks and submitted the urls to her and I was so overwhelmed of joy ^_^. For me, it does not matter how big or small the amount as long as I’ve earned something and I would always go with it. I guess I am very cheap blogger. Heehehehehe but I don’t really mine the amount though. Generally, I am so thankful and happy enough that at least some advertisers would ask me to write articles about their products, etc. For me, it is a great blessing already because I know my skill in writing but I always do my best every time I receive the tasks. And the recent tasks, for me, it were not cheap at all and it’s super easy to do it because I only copy and paste the links. Huh…

Well, after submitting the urls to the in charge. Today, I received a noticed from her and she told me that I would only wait for a couple of days and I will get paid. Thank you, Lord for the blessings.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Since last week, I had not really been feeling well. I had been suffering from colds and my body had been aching a lot. In spite, that I had not been feeling well; I’d still accompanied my niece to her school because I couldn’t afford to let her go to her school alone. And I am also scared that she couldn't be able to hold on tight in the school van, so I always accompanied her. There had been a few times, that I slept in the parsonage while waiting for my niece's class would be finished because I’d been so tired and sleepy.

Then, yesterday morning, I’d been attacked by the hard-breathing, so I asked my sister to give me a body massage and after the massage I felt relieved and I felt okay for the whole day.

Unfortunately, when I got this morning, I felt so badly, I could hardly breathed property. So, what I did, I didn’t get up immediately, I rested for a while. But since, my 3 years old niece was asking for breakfast so I got up and fed her. After feeding my niece, I went to bed again. Incidentally, I wasn’t able to sleep again because my little nieces were with me and they wanted to hang around in my room. Though, I didn’t sleep while my little ones were in my room but I managed myself to just lie down and relaxed. And it helped a lot.

Since, I’d not feeling well, I asked my brother to pick up the herbal juiced that I’d owed from the dealer of the green barley. To make the long story short, my youngest brother came home and brought the green barley. And I didn’t wait any longer, I mixed it with the mineral water and drunk it. Thankfully, after a couple of minutes of drinking the Green Barley-juice, I felt relieved. In fact, while writing on this, I am really feeling well. Thank you, LORD for Your healing. And thank you also for using the Green Barley.

and how I wish I will have my own medical assistant like my best friend, so that if I will get sick again, I would not be worrying with regards to my expenses.  And I've also be able to check out the Guide to Online Schools and become a lifesaver to others.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Page Rank Checker

Before I changed the url of this blog, this had two PRs already. Unfortunately, my old url, had expired and I wasn’t able to receive any notice informing me that my own domain had expired already. Hmm, if ever, they sent some emails to me, and it never went straight to my mail box, but it was sure went directly to spam, and that time also, I didn’t care of checking the spam. But since that time, I’ve learned to check the mails that go to the spam, just to see and check, if there are important emails that accidentally send to spam.

Anyway, back to the PR of this blog. Honestly, I regretted that I never asked any advised or suggestion from my fellow bloggers what I should be doing before changed my url. Well, during that time, I assumed that the pr would never change if I only changed the url. Actually, I wanted to retrieve my old domain but I didn’t know how to do it. So, I decided just to change it completely.

And to make the long story short, I made this and after doing so, the pr had finally vanished.  What to do then? Well, I had to accept the fact that the two 2 prs had gone. And thinking that it would not come back too soon because I was not doing my part in updating this blog as often as I can.

But last week, I was very surprised seeing in my tool bar that this blog has 1 pr. And I doubted about it because I had in my mind that it might be my computer has problem, so I checked it with the pagerank checker. And it is really true it has 1 pr. Yippeey…Since this has 1 pr already so I will try my best to update this as much as i can. ^_^

So, thank you so much Mr. Google for noticing my blog. ^_^. I hope, 1 pr won’t go away! Please stay! ^_^

WW-White Chrysanthemums

I took this photo last Wednesday evening before our prayer meeting began at Golden Harvest Church in town. Actually, the beautiful and White chrysanthemums were on the table Sunday Service but I forgot to capture it. And I was so thankful enough that it was still there on Wednesday so I captured it as soon as I got inside the church.  So, this is my entry for Wednesday Whites. More entries please click the badge below. Happy Wednesday everyone. ^_^