Friday, November 25, 2011

Solemn Hours

Last Thursday night, I received a text and told me that I would be sharing the word of God this coming Sunday during our church second service. When I received the text, I immediately replied "yes" because it would always be a great privilege to be used by God for HIS work. Right that moment, I pondered what I would be sharing to the congregation and what would be our deepest needs spiritually. Then, I've remembered my devotional last Wednesday morning, so I scanned and re-read it again and again, and it truly ministered to me again. Since, it ministered into my heart, so I came to the point that I would be using it as my passage.

Unfortunately, during day hours, I couldn't have  solemn hours to do my study because of my little ones who have always been around me. So, last night, I let my niece slept early and I slept early too, but I already had in my mind that I would get up at dawn to do my study wherein everyone was asleep, so that I could concentrate my study. Thankfully, I woke up around 2 in the morning without setting my alarm clock, thank God that He woke me up that every hour, and I began my study. And I have been so thankful to God for giving me wisdom, and insights while I was studying, and after two hours of studying the passage, I completely finished the sermon that I would be sharing tomorrow morning. I really am excited to share the word of God. It has been my Prayer that this will truly meet the spiritual needs of my fellow believers in the Lord as the Lord fed me while I was studying HIS word this early morning.

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