Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Smack Us Down

It has been almost a week that almost everyone in the family has been sick. The fever and flu have been simultaneously contaminated in my family members. A few weeks ago, I was attacked by strange and super dried coughed in which so difficult to breathe. Not only I had been suffering from the dried coughed but my two nieces too, and when we got healed, my other siblings got contaminated. Thankfully, after a few days of suffering the dried coughed, we got healed.

Unfortunately, the sicknesses have stricken in my family again, my mother has been suffering from dry coughing and she had fever too. Then, not long enough, my almost 2 year’s old niece has suffered from fever and flu again. Then, two days from now, I have been suffering from colds and the dry cough smack me down. I would rather day, sicknesses smack us down. So, last night and the previous night, I retired from bed as early as 7 pm. Actually, I didn’t attend our weekly prayer meeting because I wanted to rest, but due to the demand of my little nieces need, I wasn’t able to take rest as I planned to get some rest, when I arrived from the school because I had to cook for the dinner and fed my little ones, and after feeding them, I had to do the dishes, etc. 

Generally, I was still happy to look after my little ones even I haven’t been feeling well. I was glad that I could still look after them at the moment that I am not well. I was glad also that my niece, who has always been sleeping with me, fell as sleep fast, so we both fall asleep straight from 7 pm until this morning.  Actually, when I got up, I am not really completely healed yet, but as I summed my feeling, I’ve quite okay now, the too much sneezing, and coughing subside a little bit, only my back pain has never gone away yet. 

Well, with regards to my health of my siblings, they’re getting better now. And I’ve really looking forward that they will soon get healed. Honestly, I hate seeing my little ones sick especially when they suffer from the dry cough. It’s not so heart breaking hearing them suffering from it. With the weather now, it’s not really good to expose my little ones under the heat of the sun, and all of the sudden, the rain pours, unpredictably. 

Right now, the weather here is too sunny and super dooper hot weather. Oh, when I got up this morning, the heat of the sun has been super hot.I think due to the changes of the weather, this has been the causes of the sicknesses that have been stricken within my family circle, if I am not mistaken.

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