Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Being With My Family

It has been my first time being stayed home for a couple of months now. Since, I was involved in doing God work for a couple of years. If when I had a chanced to visit home I usually stayed for just a month or two or even less than a month.

It's truly wonderful being with my family this long. I enjoy taking care of my little nieces and playing with my grown up nieces, and nephews. Sometimes, we went to the town together and I never forgot to hold while walking on the road. Truly it's full of joy being with my family.

One early morning, my two years and 5 months old called my name at the same time knocked on the door. When I told my little niece to come in and when she got in she immediately told me that she needed some milk. Upon hearing her telling me she needs some milk my heart melts. So ran to my sister-in-law house's and asked some milk.

Here is my 2 years and 5 months old niece. She likes to run, and jump. I'm very seldom seeing her walking because she always runs.