Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remind Myself

It has been a few days since I got back from my trip. It was truly wonderful to see my little siblings shouting and jumping seeing me home back again.

But since I arrived, my two nieces ( both two years old) have been having fever on and off. I guess due to a very hot weather now, it's the cause of their fever. One think that I truly praise God is that every time they took medicine their fever subsided.

But I cannot avoid but worry a bit because the dengue has been attacking in our country. When I think of the very negative one, I always remind myself, instead of worrying why not trusting God because He is always able to protect HIS children.

I've been telling my family to clean up our surrounding and throw water that has been stocked in the basins that have no covers because there's a tendency that the mosquitoes will lay eggs.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Grace Alone

My entry for today's meme is the theme song of the recent mission conference that I attended in Davao City. The message of this song is very true to me, every time I listen to this, it truly touches my heart. More entries please click the badge below.


Nice Improvement

My trip to Davao Del Sur and North cotabato area was really great I was glad seeing my old friends.

I stayed in Digos for a couple of days and one thing that I noticed in that area is that the town is really clean and the roads are really wide. The way they built their subdivisions were really nicely planned because the road was quite wide compared to my home town.

Not to look down my home town but honestly the roads there are not really wide and it's very crowded and also the roads in the subdivisions are really small and that's the reason I am admiring Digos. Hopefully, someday the roads in my town will be expanded but how it will happen because there many houses near to the roads. I guess, it's too impossible to expand the roads in my town. Anyway, it's not so important I am just comparing my home town to the beautiful towns. LOL

Well, in my trip to north Cobatato was really great and I was very surprised to see Kidapawan City has great improvement. And also in Magpet, Cotabato, we back in 1993-94 the road going to Magpet was very dusty and the bridges were not really strong and I experienced many times to walk on the river because the jeep couldn't get through to the other side if the passengers would not get down from the jeep but now the road is really nice and not dusty anymore because it's cemented already.
When I was assigned in Magpet, the Municipality Hall was not really nice but now it's truly nice and I could see the nice improvement of it.

Hopefully, my next trip will be in Zambaonga area and I cannot wait to see my friends, colleagues and foster parents ( who looked after me while I was doing the campus ministry) there.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

North Cotabato Trip

After our Magpet trip, we met up my colleague before in Kidapawan City. We had good time sharing together of what we've been doing while we're away with each other. Truly God has been so faithful in using us for HIS glory.

Now, my colleague has been teaching at the Christian school and on weekends she has been handling the youth fellowship at the church where I attended before.

We had our delicious lunch at Mandarin Restaurant in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato

The friend that I've been talking about is the one wearing a flowery blouse. And the one who's wearing a green blouse is one of my host in Digos City and she's very kind to be with me on my trip to north Cotabato area even she didn't get enough sleep because the whole night she worked at the hospital as a nurse but she did sacrifice her slept on that day just because she wanted to travel with me. To you, my dear sister Nenen, thanks so much for everything.

By the way, I've been staying at my other friend's house, Jojo, but the good thing is if Jojo (nurse) is on duty Nenen is not and one of them would usually my companion. Indeed! Friends are always great and wonderful blessings!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Harvested Good fruits

Yesterday, my friend Nenen and I went to Magpet. My purpose of traveling back to Magpet, North Cotabato was to get the police clearance because I stayed there for a year as a campus missionary. After my transaction we visited the church where I used to attend.

While walking on the street someone called my name excitedly when I turned my head back I saw a very familiar face. Then without delayed, she told me that I was their religious teacher when she’s in high school

The more I surprised to know that she has been faithfully attending the Sunday services at the church where I attended before. She even told me that the seed I planted in 1993-94 harvested good fruit.s All the glory belongs to God!

This is taken at the parsonage. A post with my disciple and her pastor.

I've been very encouraged to know that my disciple has been growing and serving the LORD faithfully. With this, I strongly believe that what I planted in the hearts of my students and friends in Thailand it will result to good harvest in the LORD. I believe that those who accepted the LORD while I was in Thailand they will come out and serve the LORD faithfully.