Saturday, October 31, 2009


It has quite sometimes that I wasn't able to join this meme and now I am back. I took this photo when my friends and I went to the beach. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.
Scenic Sunday

Herbal Tea

My entry for Yummy Sunday for today, Indian herbal tea I had this when I visited KL before I flew back home. The taste of this is really yummy but the smell not really good but this is very healthy.

More yummy sunday please click the badge below. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone.

You Said

It has been a while that I didn't join this meme due to the reason that I was traveling and now I am back. The song that I would to share today, this is one of my favorite songs every time I listen to this song it touches my heart while listening this now I am really in tears. God is great and He is greatly to be praised. Have wonderful weekend everyone

Friday, October 30, 2009

I Might be Attending

Last Sunday, I didn’t go to the mother church in the City because I accompanied my mother at the daughter church which near to our place.

Actually, every time I go home I always to go to the mother church because that’s the church I grew up spiritually but since my family members have been attending at the mother church so I might be attending at the daughter church sometimes

But this coming Sunday, I’ll be attending at the mother church actually most of my friends are at the mother church so I want to fellowship with them as well since I just got back from abroad.

Oh by the way, I spoke to my senior pastor’s wife on the phone last night and I was bit sad hearing that my pastor has been feeling well. He just had a major surgery and I’ll be visiting them a couple of hours from now.

My prayers that God will restore my pastor’s health please include him in your prayers. Thanks everyone.


Many years ago I subscribe the devotional online ( Good morning) and today’s devotional encourages me a lot and God reminded me that HE is in control of everything.

Yes, I always put this in my heart that whatever happens in my life God is in control of everything. Below is a few lines on the devotional.

: It is important to remember that GOD is always in Control,
even though things in our lives may seem totally out of control.
This includes when the events of this World seem to be out
of hand as well with terrorists and wars etc.

( PSALM 147:4-5 )

So Litlit, no matter what you may be experiencing
right now, or will be in the future, know that GOD is with you
( 1 PETER 3:12 )

Online Application

I chatted with my friend who is married to an American and she has been in American for a couple of years already. She shared with me that her husband was laid off from his work a couple of months ago. I was bit sad after hearing this situation because there have been hundreds being laid off from their work and until now they are still looking for jobs.

And the saddest thing is until now they would not be able to find jobs. One friend shared with me that his bills have been increasing and he doesn’t know where he will get the money to pay for his bills.

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Surprised Blessings

On my first planned that I would fly from Bangkok to Manila but my planned was changed when my friend in Kuala Lumpor, Malaysia was inviting me to visit them. Since they have been my very good supporters and friends from the start. So I decided to visit them before I finally went back home. I spent a night there, even it was a very short visit but I still enjoyed my visit.

The couple both knew that I really like Indian food so they brought me to the best restaurants and I ate one of my favorite Indian food.

Well, it’s time for me to leave for the airport so Janet’s husband sent me to the airport. One thing, that surprised me a lot when Janet’s husband handed to me the blessings that I never expected. It was really a great surprised! I never expected that I still received that much blessings from them because they’ve been helping me a lot eversince. Anyways, God will bless them bountifully!


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Green Scenery

A couple of months before I left Thailand, my eyes were aching a lot and when I looked up and down I felt dizzy and my vision became so blurry so I decided to see an anthropologist.

The doctor gave some advised, she said, every time my eyes were aching and felt some dizziness I would not looked at near but I should looked at far especially on the green scene because it helped me to ease the pain as well as the dizziness.

When I was still in Thailand particularly in my office at school I could see beautiful and green scenery, every time I looked at on those green leaves it really ease the pain. And yes, yes, it’s really true because I tried it many time already and it’s really help.

PDF Search

A couple of years ago, I purchased ticket online, the agent sent my ticket through my email address and I was very excited to open it. I wanted to print it but I encountered lots of troubled when I downloaded. I tried to download it many times but I wasn’t successful. Since it didn’t downloaded so I was bit worried because I was very sure that the airline agent on the counter would asked my printed ticket.

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Accept the Reality

You might think that I am very emotional….! Ye, I do, since I arrived here, I’ve been missing Thailand and every time I thought of Thailand it made me teary eyed. I’ve been missing my friends, students, colleagues, school owners, and everyone.

To ease my feeling, I always play with my nieces, nephews and great nephews. What to do I left Thailand for good. So, I try my best to accept the reality. I know my time in Thailand was over. I am still praying and hoping that I’ll be able to visit Thailand someday. When it will be? Well, I don’t know yet but in God’s time.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Online Recipe

When I was in Third year high school, we back many years ago, our culinary arts teacher taught us how to cook the different kinds of food. But she always required us to find some recipes on the books sometimes she wrote the recipe on the blackboard and we only copied it.

The hardest thing, when our teachers told us to research some recipes at the library and sad to say that our library that time the books were very limited so sometimes some of us couldn’t complied the requirements.

The students nowadays, there are no much hassles for them if their teachers will give them some assignments on recipes, because the online recipes are always available anytime and anywhere. How I wish that online recipes were available when I was in my third year high school. Anyways, it’s not too late yet, because I can still search recipes online anytime I want.

Just a couple of minutes ago, I came across on recipe online, and I’ve learned that this site not only give us good recipes but it gives us nutritious recipes.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Connected Again

Last Monday, I tried to inquire the telephone company if possible to have a telephone line in my mother’s place. Unfortunately, the telephone company couldn’t put a connection due to the reason that the main line is very far away in the village where I am staying.

Since, I am very desperate to have an internet connection I tried to buy the usb smart bro (no advertisement here). Actually, I bought this last Monday already and I tried to download into to my laptop but I couldn’t get any signal I was bit disappointed.

But today, while reading the manual again, then I realized that I didn’t insert the simcard in the USB smart bro properly. Yes, I inserted the simcard in the right place and now I have internet connection and it’s faster than the other one. Finally, I am connected again. I thank God for this wireless connection even without having a satellite.

I am glad that I would be able to continue my online business and today I’ve earned a bit and thank God for the opportunity.

While speaking of the wireless internet connection that I am having now, this is quite expensive but this is better than going to the City and check the opps, etc.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Little Troubled

I had a pleasant trip from Thailand to Malaysia and back to the Philippines. The airplane landed in Ninoy Aquino International airport earlier than we expected.

While waiting for my next flight to Cagayan de Oro I had my early breakfast in Jolibee which I planned before I left Thailand but I was bit disappointed with I tasted the chicken and the rice they’re too cold I wanted to complain but I refused not to.

Though I had a pleasant trip but still I encountered little troubled in the bus terminal in Cagayan De Oro City. The story goes like this, when I got down from the taxi I saw two men carrying my luggage already. I told them that I would not allow them to carry my bag because I could carried them since I was very near to the bus only I had to carry and put my luggage on the compartment. But one man who’s wearing a blue uniform and told me that he worked with the Bachelors Company so I trusted him after he put my luggage properly and walked away but one man touched my luggage and as if he put and arranged it again.

To make the long story short, when I was sitting in the bus a man came and asked for 50 pesos payment for him to touch my luggage. Oh my….! I told him that I didn’t pay him because he only touched my luggage and he didn't get down so I gave the bread that I purchased in the airplane, I refused to give the 50 pesos because he didn't carry my luggage.

Well, I don’t want to be greedy but what he's doing was not right. I was pondering why they never prosper because they never work properly. The more they deceive people the more they would not success.

Waste Management

A few days ago, I arrived to my homeland from abroad. When I looked at the roads on my way to my home town there was lots of waste along the road. I was wondering why they never put their waste in the waste bin instead.

I guess, waste management is very essential for everyone. Nowadays, there is a waste management software that offers excellent services and also available for a low monthly subscription fee.

In addition, this waste management software operates; casual or permanent skip bin hire, regular waste collection, residential service requests, and waste weighbridge operations.

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Traveling Mercy

I arrived safely and I thank God for HIS traveling mercy. Of course, I was so glad and happy seeing my family again. But I couldn’t deny that when I arrived home, I’ve missed my father so much so to ease my feeling I went to my brother’s house and played with my great nephew for awhile.

The reason that I didn’t show my emotion in front my mother because of her situation she is very sensitive and her heart is very weak. So I tried to hide my tears. I thank God that I was able to control my feeling.

Yes, I’ve been missing my father a lot but I also thank God for allowing my father to rest into HIS Mighty hands.

Right now, I am enjoying playing with my nieces, nephews, great nephew and great niece. I will always treasures the moments I spend with them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Friends Forever

I had a pleasant trip from Taiping to Kuala Lumpor I slept nicely while traveling. There’s always advantage traveling by train especially buying the sleeping bed.

When my friend bought my train ticket, he chose the bed which was in the middle and it was less disturbance and the coach was almost in the middle too so it’s not too noisy because of the machine and that’s the reason I slept nicely. To my friend in Taiping, Jesu, love and family thank you so much for everything. God bless your hearts.

And now, I am here in Kl, staying in Peter and Janet’s house. And my friends asked me what kind of food, I’ve been craving for….Wow! They’re so nice of asking that. And of course, no other than Indian food, the chicken tandori and Mutton soup. Wow! Mouth watery now! LOL! And tonight, we’ll be going to the best Indian Restaurant I would say the best Chicken Tandori and Naan in town.

And my friend asked me what I would like to eat for dinner tomorrow and said I have to think carefully what I do like. Huh! Honestly, I cannot think what I would really like to have for tomorrow’s dinner. Hmm, when I think of chicken tandori, I am satisfied already. Thank you so much to you, Peter and Janet for your kindness and hospitality. More blessings to come.

Friends are precious gift from God and because of that I always cherish my friends. Friends are friends forever.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Am I Really?

A few more days to go, I’ll be home. Yes, it is always good to be home with family, friends and church mates. But am I really excited of going home? Well, as of this time, I am not really excited; I am having this normal feeling.

As far as I remember, every time I go home, I would not be very excited but at the moments I arrive home that’s the time that I would be very excited and sooo happy.

I guess, everyone is very unique, once I heard from my friends that when they would be going home, they would be very excited even from the moments they plan to go back home.

Even though, I am not very excited to go home but I’ve been looking forward to seeing my family members again and of course they are very excited to see me again too.

Flatform Beds

My favorite place in the house is my bedroom though my bed is not nice as the flatform beds design.

Well, if I have a chance to buy a new bed, I am pretty sure that I will buy the flatform beds from spacify. When I looked at the picture of them, they look so beautiful and sure so comfortable to sleep on it. Besides, they are very easy to maintain and with elegant bed frames, upholstered heardboards, clean lines and simple construction.

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Almost Everything

Since I’ve arrived here in Taiping my stomach always been full..huh…Honestly, food is my weakness, if you would ask me what’s my favorite food, I’m pretty sure that I cannot tell you which one is my favorite because almost everything is my favorite.

For instance, Indian food, I guess all different kinds of Indian food I really like..hmmm so yummy. Speaking of Indian food, my friends’ mother cooks delicious food and I always seeing her cooking. Like we just done our breakfast and after a couple of hours I’ve seen her in kitchen cooking again. She loves to cook! And I love to EAT!

On my first visit here a couple of weeks ago, my mind were set to eat lots of Indian food and I did it but this time my mind were not set to eat lots of Indian food but guess what I’ve been eating lots also. Since, I’ve been eating a lot and I’ve been gaining a lot, I should something to loss some weights when I arrive home.

Plan to Visit Arizona

I’ve been here in Taiping, Malaysia for a couple of days already and I notice that the weather here is unpredictable. It’s very sunny and later on the heavy rain pour out. And if it is sunny, it’s so humid as well. Huh!

Just recently, I checked the weather in Arizona but it’s hotter compare here in Malaysia but the best time to visit Arizona will be in April to May, and October through December because the temperatures is not really high it’s only reach to 70s and 80 and also high temperatures drop at night time.

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Comparing The Prices

The other day, my friends and I went to the department store to buy some stuff for their son’s birthday. I was very astonished to know the prices of the goods especially the price of the cooking oil, the 5 kilograms it's only 113 Malaysian dollars and it’s only 113 baht. Wow!

While looking at some stuff in the department store, I was saying that the people here Malaysian can really save a bit because the goods are not really expensive compare to my county.

Speaking of my country, almost everything there is very expensive for instance the cooking oil is very expensive. I remember the last time I visited there, I bought some of our food supply and I was very shocked of all the prices. But what to do, need food supply so had to buy even it’s very expensive.

Soonest, I will be back to the Philippines, sure enough the prices of all the stuff there are very expensive compare here in Malaysia and Thailand. But still Thailand has cheapest stuff ever.

Something To Offer

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Before I left

A couple of minutes before I left my apartment, a couple of friends came to say good byes. One friend never left until I left my place yet.

This is inside my apartment, my Ate mimi came to send me off in prayers. She's a good sister to me and I always cherished the moment that we spent together in working in HIS vineyard.

This is in front of my school, I took this on my way to the city on the day I left Satun for good.

When I arrived at the train strain my other friend was waiting for me and sent me off. Since I arrived a bit early before the train left, my friends and I had time to chitchat and prayed and of course took pictures of us.

The train left on time, while I was looking at the window I told to my self, when I’ll be visiting this place again. I considered Thailand is my second home especially in Satun

Yummy Sunday 1-Thosai

Here’s my first entry on this meme, actually, I joined this already but on my other blog just now I decided to post my entry here instead. This is one of my favorite Indian food, the thosai. More yummy photos please click the badge below. Have a wonderful Sunday to all.

Best Web Hosting

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Friday, October 16, 2009

A Call to Celebrate

A Call To Celebrate

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