Friday, July 31, 2009

Considering to Put On....

I have been told that zero coke would help me to lost weight and I’ve been considering to put that on my budget. But every time, I drink zero coke, I feel that it’s not helping me to lose some weight because my tummy is getting bigger after a few minutes of drinking a can of zero coke.

So, tonight, out of my curiosity, I searched on the net, the disadvantages of the diet coke. And there I found a lot. While reading the articles, I was very scared because I know someone who really loves to drink diet softdrink and this someone is very precious to me. I guess, all of us have known that diet softdrink has contained of the artificial sweetener. The aspartame/Neotame not good to our health, and this site here explains more about it. The publisher of the article urges to let everyone knows about the site. So, please if you have a spare time, please don't forget to open the site.

Two Months

Yesterday, my landlady’s helper handed to me, my phone bill. I didn’t pay much attention with it because I know my monthly bill already. I regularly pay 738 baht that includes my wireless internet connection. Since I didn’t use the landline to phone my friends here in Thailand neither I used it for the long distance calls. So, I was very confident that I would still have to pay same amount.

But when I looked at the bill today, I have to pay for two months. I read and looked at it closely because I was thinking that I might be mistaken. Indeed, I haven’t mistaken, I have to pay for two months. After reading and looking at the bill closely, I went to my landlady’s house and showed to her my phoned bill and I told her that I always gave the payment for my monthly bill to her and why I should have to pay two months this time.

Then, she brushes..LOL…because I asked her infront of her helpers…huh..I am too rude I guess….Well it never happened to me once. One time, the TOT Company phoned me and told me that I was a couple months delayed for paying my phone bills….and if I would not pay my bill immediately the company would temporarily closed my line. Huh…After, listening to the phone call. I ran to my landlady’s house and told her to pay my phone bill immediately because the TOT Company phoned me already and I gave payment my payment to you already……..Then she brushed and said, "Okay, I will pay it, sorry"...

Actually, after that incident happened I voluntarily paid my phone bill for a while. But because of my laziness sometimes, I preferred to give my payment to her rather than going to 711 or to the TOT office after work.

Oh! By the way, I had a kind of bad experience with my landlady with regards to money matters. For instance, my electric bill before was beyond normal. I kept on complaining and I even asked my colleagues how much they usually pay for their electric bills. And theirs was very much low compared from what I was paying to my landlady. Then I told my landlady about this, and she tried to lower down my electric bill. Actually, ever since she never gave me the electric bill, every time I asked her, she told me that she has only one bill for all of us. But each room has its own electric consumption meter. Since, I complained a lot, my electric bill is now much normal.

Well, my landlady is very kind in other aspects though, and besides the place where I’ve been staying, I feel so comfortable and the transportations going my school are very accessible. That’s why I’ve chose to stay here for this long.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Garlic and Vinegar-H1N1 Virus

At school today, the director passed the information how to prevent the H1N1 virus. She wrote something that in order to prevent the H1N1 virus just cut garlic as many as you can and put vinegar in the glasses or small containers, then put and soak those cut garlic in the glasses, and then place them everywhere inside your house. With this, the H1N1 virus will not contaminate to the human.

Sounds cool information but it might helps. Well, I don’t have vinegar so I can’t do it right now. I’ll just pray that God will protect us from the said virus.

Well, here in Satun, particular in an Island a student died due to the H1N1 virus and many have been affected as well. On the first week of this month, there have been a few people confined in the hospital due to the virus as well.

At school, many students and teachers have been sick but the diagnosed just normal flu and colds. Thank God for that! Until now there have been a few teachers and students wearing the masks but I never tried to wear even once.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Poured Out

For a few days, it was too hot here, especially last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. At school yesterday, the humidity was too high. When I arrived home, it was humid too. But around 7 p.m there were lightning and thunders and not long enough the heavy rain poured out. And I felt great relieved from the humidity and I slept like a baby without turning on my two electric fans.

Then today it was raining again and the weather was really great. Thank God for the rain….and I am sure that I will be able to sleep well without turning on the electric fans.

I always like rain. I remember when I was a child I always played and bathed with the rain. I liked to pitch water on our public water supply especially on the rainy days. Hmmm, I remember now, that my mother scolded me because I always went back and forth to the public water supply even the rained was so heavy. I always had fun bathing myself with the rain. Well, those were the days……


When I arrived from work, I saw a fridge standing near to my room. I had in my mind that might be my neighbor just put the fridge there for awhile. But before I opened my door, my landlady’s helper came and told me that the fridge is for me to use. I told her that I had a fridge already and they just fixed it a couple of months. But she said, my landlady wanted me to use the fridge because the old fridge consumed lots of electricity. Actually, the pink fridge is not new it’s a second hand but my landlady bought this for me. My landlady is so sweet for replacing my old fridge after she just fixed it last February. God bless her heart!
My landlady gave this fridge to me, at the first day I stayed in her apartment. But the looked not really nice but I was so thankful enough that she let me used this. Well, in order this fridge neat and quite new, I bought some paints and painted it. This fridge served me for a couple of years. Thanks to the owner! I took this photo, after putting it outside my room.
Here's the new but second hand fridge. This works well....Well, my motif in my room is blue but now it has mixed with pink...oh my electric pan is adds the beauty....

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Moments in Bangkok

It has been a quite sometimes that I haven't join this meme. I am glad that I'm here once again. And the photos that I am posting here now, I took them in Bangkok during my recent trip.

I was on the 10 floor in the hotel and when I looked at outside, I was fascinated with these big buildings so I picked up my handphone and took picture of it.
This one, I took this during our city tour while riding the van. More Scenic Sunday please click the badge below. Have a blessed Sunday to everyone.

Scenic Sunday

Fat Woman Not Delicious......

It's weekend and it's time for me to do some house chores. I haven't done it for a couple of weeks so I did almost everything today.

I had two loads of my laundry in my landlady's washing machine. I was glad that the she let me use her automatic washing machine for free for many years already. After an hour, I went back to her house and got my laundry. When she saw me, she called me and I thought she wanted something from me but she only told me that, I am very fat now and she scolded me like I am her sister. She told me that, if I will not do some exercises I will be like a fat elephant..LOL... she describes me now as a fat pig..LOL and she says that my face looks like a siopao now...LOL then I laughed and I told her that, siopoa is delicious...then she said, "that's food so it's delicious but you are human so fat woman not delicious at all" ..LOL She continued, "your stomach now is very big, and you have to do some exercises. I will watch you everyday, if you will not do exercise I will tell you the same thing everyday after work you have to do exercises first because too much fat not good for you".

While I was hanging my clothes, I was thinking a lot of my landlady has been telling me. I guess she is really right. I have to do some exercises everyday. I hope that I'll not only think of doing some exercises but I have to do it whether I like it or not. Yes, I know I am gaining a lot now because I'd been eating a lot as well.

You know what my landlady is 68 years old but she doesn't look like 68 years old. I hope one day, I can take picture of her and post it here. Her mother now is 103 years old and she still alive.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I’ve been reading the news on Bangkokpost most of the time. And I’ve been very surprised reading, the new today that it was really confirmed that there have been many unlicensed guides roaming around in the airport looking whom to devour.

Well, back to our experience last week, a tour agent told us that on our City tour we would be able to see the king’s place, temples, etc. As I wrote on my other blog that we’ve been very excited to avail the city tour because it’s very cheap. For us, the exciting place that we would be visiting was the king’s palace. I think everyone has been longing to step in at the king’s palace even just outside the gate.

But you know what? On our City tour, we never visited the king’s palace, we never even seen where the King’s palace has been located. Our tour guide brought us to two temples and we only past by the china town and we never stopped there either.

A few days ago, I’ve read some of the comments(bangkokpost) from the tourists who came to Thailand. One comment that shocked me was like someone buying some stuff at duty free and he’s being accused of stealing a pack of cigarette, that pack of cigarette, a sale lady put that in his bag and he thought that it’s free but to his surprise a policeman came to capture him. And according to that comment he was put in jail for two nights and paid lots of dollars in order for him to release from the jail. ( I tried to find, the article but I couldn’t find it)

I was really glad that we never looked at the stuff inside the duty free. If we did, we never knew might someone put something in our bag and policemen came to capture us.

Oh I remember something now, before my sweetheart came to the counter for chick in, a man came and checked his luggage. I was there listening to him, he asked a lot of questions and my sweetheart was very calmed telling that person who was wearing a blue uniform that he didn’t buy any liquor and he didn’t buy anything while he was in Bangkok and of course he bought a few clothes while he was in here. Then, that man told me that he wanted to talk to the passenger only. So, I said oh yes. I stepped behind but I was carefully watching him. When I looked at to the other passengers no one has been interrogating them. Seemed it was quite long the man interrogated my best friend so I came to them and told the man that he could open the luggage if he really wanted to be sure and knew what were inside the luggage and that’s the time he released my sweet thing. Finally, my best friend went to the check in counter and checked in. I was glad that I was much braved to talk to that person with my loud voice! Autocratic Voice...LOL

So to my fellow travelers please don’t follow us, and beware with the scammers in the airport (see here) and buying the cheap city tour and you would not be going to the right places. Ha ha ha…But my best friend and I concluded that it turned into blessings for us because we both desired to ride an elephant.
I captured these photos during our City tour while riding the van.

By the way, when I arrived Bangkok prior to the arrival of my bestfriend, I took a tax from the AOT which is the taxi airport operator, it was bit expensive but sure they always do legal things.

Former Students

It was 14:45 today, I was bit busy writing the grades of my students in the grading sheets. I've heard voice calling my name outside my office. When I stared outside, I saw my former grade 6 students who graduated last March. The girls ran to me and hugged me but I didn't hugged them back immediately because I was surrounded by them. And sure enough, I hugged each one of them after they surrounded me.
Here they're. During their graduation, I wasn't around because I went to Phuket to attend a conference there. Then, one of them asked why she didn't see me during their graduation and I told them the reason.
They went up to the forth floor to have a little chichat with me.

These are the students, who accepted the gift of life before they graduated. I was very glad that I saw them again today and got their handphone numbers and I can contact them anytime. Actually, I was telling them today, that one day I wanted to invite them for a meal most probably in my humble and a very small apartment. Then, they all agreed! I am looking forward to that day. It's so nice seeing them again! PTL!

Monday, July 20, 2009

We Never Planned!

We never had specific planned before we flew to Bangkok last Thursday. But we’ve options what to do when we’ve arrived there.

Since we purchased the tickets for the City tour and that’s for 4 hours tour only, sounds not so tiring…And we’ve got whole afternoon to do other things. Due to our good tour guide we’re able to see other shows, (please read, Travel Agent) for more info, if you haven’t read it yet.

On this trip we never planned to ride an elephant due to a very short time. But surprisingly, we rode an elephant. And this has been my prayer, that if someone came to marry, we would ride an elephant. And I shared this to some of my friends a few years ago, hmmm as far as I remember I haven’t meet, Bob yet. As I said, that we never planned to ride an elephant but God knows my heart’s desire so He granted it before my sweet thing returned to his country.

While we were riding on an elephant, I was reminded of my prayers and desires and I thanked God for that. Then I told my sweet thing that God has been so faithful for granting my heart’s desire to ride an elephant with the love of my life. Then my sweet thing confirmed it immediately because he desired to ride and see an elephant, too. But due to our very short time together, so we didn’t talk about riding an elephant because for us it was very impossible. But God made it possible!

We truly thank God for granting our hearts’ desire. Everything turns into Blessings!
Thank God for allowing us to ride an elephant!Having fun sitting on an elephant's knees.
Everytime, the caretaker of this elephant says something, this elephant changes the position of his trunk.

Yes, I Won!

Yes, I did win today! I didn't teach with the classes which I never been taught even since lol! I told the English coordinator that if they wanted to observe me..I don't mine as long as that they would observe my regular classes. So now they know my real me not always obeying what they wanted me to do.

Well, during lunch time, the coordinator came to my office and asked my documents, and I told her that I submitted them to the office on the first day that the school hired me. They tried to look for my documents and they couldn't found them. The reason why they're looking for my documents, because the group from the Ministry of education wanted to see my credentials. So, I told our manager that I have all my credentials at home. Then she told me that I had to get them and she asked one of the teachers who have a motorbike to drive me home.

Oh my on our way to my place, the rain was so heavy and we all got wet. Anyways, I got all my credentials and submitted them to the office again and I told the secretary that next time they should keep all the documents in one folder so that they could show them immediately to the people who wanted to look at them. Then I told her that, don't lose my documents again.........

Well, I worked as a secretary before; I had to see it that all the important files were properly put in the folders so that I would always be ready if my boss wanted some documents......

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Am I a Robot?

I just got back from my director’s house for a dinner. A group from the Ministry of Education in Bangkok came to check our school, especially the English program classes. The observation will start tomorrow from 9 in the morning until 12 noon.

During our meeting with the directress last week, she said that the group will only observe with the English Program classes. I was glad because I never taught with the EP students. But today, I was very surprised that I will be teaching with the Grade 3 and 4 EP students tomorrow and they’ll be observing me. You know what??? I objected so much because from the starts I never taught with the EP classes and I’m always teaching with the Mini English classes. I tried to argue because what they’ve been doing is not right at all! I told them that what I am going to teach, they never give me the text books that they’ve been using…..What they think of me…A ROBOT! Definitely, I will refuse to teach with the EP classes tomorrow, if they will do…..I don’t know that to do! I will not teach….that’s all!

One thing more, they paid much to the EP foreign teachers, just recently an African man from Kenya, accepted and got higher salary than I…HUH! And they’re paying me less as ever so they could get what they want tomorrow. By the way, the English Program classes the three subjects have been taught in English (The mathematics, science, and English) And I am teaching with the mini-English only..which I only teach on listening and speaking..(Conversational English)

Anyways, I had a good time there today, eating lots of food and lots of durian fruits, etc.

The Parting Moments

Yesterday, around 5 in the morning my sweet thing and I parted our ways. I sent him until the last point that I wasn’t able to see him.

While we could still each other, we kept on waving our hand and smiling with tears..huh huh…! Then, until the moment that I could never sent him, I cried a lot. I tried to calm down and went to the toilet to wash my face before I check in.

After I checked in went straight to the gate for boarding. While I was there, I was missing my sweet thing a lot. To ease my feeling, I opened my computer and tried to write something until 15 minutes before the boarding.

While I was on the plane, I cried again because I remember that last July 7 we flew to Hatyai and on the 16 we flew together again and while on the plane we talked a lot and never noticed that we’re about to land. I was remembering all of those moments and made me cry.
When he arrived at Calgary International Airport, he phoned me immediately. I was very glad to hear his voice. And when he arrived home, he phoned me again and we talked a little bit longer and he went to sleep.

I thank God for his safe journey. And I thank God for taking care of him. Actually, a few days before we flew to Bangkok, he was a little bit sick. He felt dizzy most of the time. And I forced him to see the doctor here in Satun and glad to know that his blood pressure was very normal. But after seeing the doctor and taking some medicine he still felt dizzy and I was bit worried about it. So, I asked my family and some of my friends to pray for him and I always prayed and laid my hands for him as well.

Today, I was very glad to know that he’s not dizzy anymore. Thank God for answered prayers.

Time Together

For ten days, we’ve been together and we always cherished that every moment we spent was very precious to us and we both never counted the hours and the days because we did do count them, they made us bit sad because we couldn’t deny that the parted time was very much approaching.

As we spent our moment together, the more we knew each other much better. I’ve known him as a man of honor and respect. He respected me so much, and because of this, I love him more and more every each moment.

The only meal that we could be together was for our dinner but there was one morning that I wanted to have breakfast with him so I phoned my school that I would be arriving a little bit late. And we had nice breakfast and we enjoyed every bit of it.

Honestly, I felt pity on my sweet thing because he stayed for the whole alone. I told him to explore the town but every time we set a day for him to go alone exploring the town the weather never cooperate. So he ended up staying in the hotel room.

One day, I told him that I could phone my Thai lady friend to bring him around because she has a car and has a day holiday. But my sweet thing refused to do that and he melted my heart again because he said, “sweet thing, I never came here to see the place but I definitely came here to see you and spend time with you and we both know that you have to go to work while I am here so don't worry about me, I am very happy waiting for you here, I love you so much and you are so precious to me.” Oh with this, I ran to him and hugged him so tight and kissed him and told him the same. I felt so honor and blessed! I don't want him to be with me at school because my office was very hot and the students were very noisy so I'd rather him stayed in the hotel than sacrificing himself in the hot office. But he did visit my school!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Meeting-Face to Face-

It took almost 4 years, before we finally met in person, though we talked a lot on the phone, hours, hours, and hours in a day. Sometimes, I gave up due to the heat of the phone and I even had to go to the ear doctor to have my ears checked up because they had been paining frequently. But the advised of the doctor just maximized using the mobile phone. And the doctor couldn’t give any medicine for my ear. So we tried as much as possible to maximize using the mobile instead we used the landline most of the time. But, if I was out of town, my sweet thing had to phone me on my mobile phone and still we talked too long.

We become good and best friends on the phone; I could share immediately what’s in my mind and he’s there to listens and understands me. I would say that he knows the worst of me. LOL!

Here comes the time that we would be meeting face to face. July 4, I flew to Bangkok to meet him, for a couple of hours waiting for him to arrive from his 23 hours journey, I didn’t feel anything because I had in my mind that nothing was different of seeing him in person because we talked a lot on the phone and seemed it has been the same except I could see him in real. But, when I saw the screen on the TV that they landed 20 minutes before I arrived at the airport, then that’s the time, I got started shaking and I couldn’t stand still so I tried to find a seat and I sat for a while. While sitting, I prayed that I would be the one who could see him first, and I did see him first…..Yahooooo….When I glanced him from a distance, my heart melted…..and…..I don’t know what to do, whether I would hug him or what…..

Then, I approached to him, and I told him, “There you go” then I GRABBED his bag and told him….” COME FOLLOW ME!” then he silently followed me….then I looked at behind and saw him following me, then I nodded to him, and said"please come", then he came close to me…then, I slide my left hand into his hand and held him because I wanted him to feel that he's very much welcome…then that’s the time I heard him saying…”Where are we heading to?” then I told him, “We’ll get a taxi” then he said “Okay” then we held hands while transaction the taxi agent, hmmmm I would say, never ending holding hands. Then we got in on a taxi and he kissed and hugged me so tight….…lol.oh… heaven! And I hugged and kissed him back of course! (winks) Then we started talking and I started asking him how does he feel when I grabbed his bag, instead hugging him...and his answered was, "This is the woman, I like and love"! Cool and sweet answer! Well, every time, I remember our first meeting at the airport, I laughed and giggled alot and alot because seemed I was so bossy...and in fact, I was and I am...not good...LOL! So much for this and.........................................
We proceeded to the hotel and I let him eat, bad thing that I ordered one of my favorite Thai food (Kruang Kaeng khay kati) and it’s very but he still ate lol…..While he was eating, he was sweating a lot because the food was very spicy for him…….I wasn’t that sensitive though….but he was smiling a lot while eating…….and saying, that’s a good meal!

Then, after he ate, he told me that he wanted to get something for me, and I said yes…When he returned, he held a small box and he opened it for me and saying….” Litlit, my sweet thing, will you marry me”? Well, of course my answer was big...."YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS"…. And when I said yes, he removed my birth stone ring that he gave to me as his birthday gift 3 years ago, and he put on our diamond engagement ring……then we hugged and kissed and we laughed and laughed….And he said, “Litlit, my sweet thing, till death do us part”….too fast…

Then we stayed in Bangkok for a couple of days then we flew to Hatyai and traveled to Satun and he stayed there for a couple of days. While I was working he stayed at his cage..I mean, in his hotel room, without any complained…Then, everyday, I wanted to go home immediately because I wanted to see him and be with him, but I had to wait until the time that we allow to go home. When I arrived home, I couldn’t do anything, I just changed my school uniform and ran to the hotel and be with him… be continued
One day at the hotel, just having fun taking picture of us

At Suwannaphum International Airport with my Thai Friend.

Pizza company, hatyai, Thailand


I chatted with my ex-co Filipino teacher and now working in Bangkok as a school teacher. She told me that her school has been closed for three days due to the H1N1flu that has been contaminated in the country. Good that her school declared for a 3 day holiday to protect their students, teachers and others from the contagious flu. Honestly, noone can protect us except God's divine protection! He is our Great Protector!

Well, I flew back to Hatyai today and I could see that not many were wearing masks. But when we flew to Bangkok last Thursday all the flight attendants were wearing masks. But today, none of the flight attendants wore masks.

Actually, before we traveled to the City, I bought masks also if in case the officers at the airport would tell us to wear masks too. But they never said I am just keeping the masks for other purposes. :-)

Friday, July 17, 2009

Travel Agent

We had early breakfast today because we had to get ready for our city tour. We both excited to go for the city tour.

Well, the tour guide was like a very nice person, very accommodating, very smart and she gave us enough information in every place that we visited.

While riding the van, the tour guide shared about the elephants show, crocodiles show and the Thai cultural show and we only paid 900 baht each for the whole tour. Well, my bestfriend was very interested to watch the shows and so did I. So, we purchased the ticket again.

Well, we’ve arrived the place wherein the crocodile is located, we’re so excited to get down of the van but an agent approached to us that we would be going to Rose Garden where the other agent booked for us. Then, I tried to explain to the other agent that we booked the crocodile show as well but she insisted that we’re not going inside and the van was waiting for us and sent us to Rose Garden wherein the Elephants show and cultural show are held.

We arrived early before the elephants show and the cultural show started so we had time to see around. I tried to look for roses because the tour guide told us that the roses are very beautiful and I was very excited to look at them and of course take pictures of them. But to my surprise, they put fences on their little garden of roses wherein there are no people could get inside.

It took sometime before the shows started so I still had a chance to phone to the agent and I told her straight that she should told us the truth that the crocodile show was not included to the 900 baht that we paid for her. And she should tell us that it was not located at the same area so that we should be aware of it. And her answered was, “ma’am you don’t understand what I told you” then I retold her what she exactly told us….” that we’ll be able to see the crocodiles show, elephants show, and cultural show…and we’ll be able to see how the man putting his head in a crocodile's mouth…(very interesting))))…Well, without hesitation, I told that tour agent (Cindy) that next time she should tell clearly to the people rather than telling the unclear location and the exact deal of the trip.

Hmmm, might someone thinks that due to the language barrier…I don’t think so, I tell you that she can speak English better than I. I guess what she wants was money from us…Actually, after paying her the 1,800 baht she asked for a tip so we decided to give another 200 baht…

Well, we’ve learned a lot from this though…..Better lack next time…It might be nicer just to avail the tour which is offer by the hotel, though it’s quite expensive but surely enough they’ll bring you to the right places.

Didn't check our Flights Well!

My bestfriend and I left Satun yesterday as early as 8:30, thinking that our flight back to Bangkok was 12:50 noon. While riding the taxi, I looked at our plane tickets and our flight would be 2:00 pm. And I couldn’t decide what to do, whether we spent couple of hours in Hatyai City or what……Well, due to my experience last Saturday, I was really scared to spend a couple of hours in the City. My bestfriend and I thought that we went straight to the airport and hanged inside the airport. Well, I thought for awhile, then I was thinking of going to Songkhla beach instead of going straight to the airport. So, I talked to my bestfriend about this, and he’s very pleased when I told him what’s in my mind. Then, I tried to negotiate the driver, if he could drive us to Samila Beach, and the driver said yes immediately.

To make the long story short, we had a good time sight seeing at Samila beach then we had a nice steamed fish, sweet and hour shrimps, etc for lunch and we invited the taxi driver to wait eat with us as well.

Then, after lunch we headed to Hatyai International Airport and we still had enough time to check in and roamed around inside the airport.

Thank God, we’ve arrived Bangkok safely. Well, at the airport, there have been many tour agents, trying to convince the people to take their cheap offer for the taxi fare and other privileges. So, I tried to bargain as much as possible to lower the taxi fare going to the hotel we would be staying. After our first transaction, one agent came and tried to convince to go for a half day tour for just a 500 baht for two persons. Cool! Since, my sweet thing was quite interested to see around Bangkok so we purchased the ticket.

And the agent told us that the driver would pick us up at the hotel at 9 in the morning. Sure enough, the tour guide 10 minutes before 9 a.m…..More than on time….huh!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Birthday, my dear Mama

Today is my mother’s 68th birthday. I spoke to her on the phone early today, and I just started talking her then she immediately shared that she has been missing our father. Then, instead of greeting her immediately, I comforted her first and I tried my best not to cry because she has been crying already.

Actually, my siblings back home, they’ve been trying to share our mother up. They tried their best to celebrate our mother’s birthday as unique as ever because this is her very first to celebrate her birthday without our father, and we all be sure the she will be missing our father.

Surely, I will phone my siblings again tonight when I get to my apartment and by that time, they’ll be gathering together. My prayers for my mother are that, God will grant her long life. Even, we don’t have internet access at home but still I wanted to greet my mother here a very wonderful birthday celebration! Mama, I love you so much and you are so precious us. Happy, happy, happy birthday.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wearing Masks

When I flew to Bangkok, I saw many people had been wearing masks. After four days, I flew again back to Hatyai then still the same many have been wearing masks and my bestfriend asked me why there have been many people wearing masks. My answer was not really definite, because I don’t have any idea why they’ve been wearing masks.

Well, today we went to the parlor and I was watching TV and I wanted to be sure what’s the news was all about. So, I asked the beautician, and then she told me that here in Thailand the swine flu has been attacking and there were 16 died due to the swineflu. Then she continued telling that here in Satun, there have been five people who have been afflicted by the swine flu. And the public health officer declared that everyone must wear masks beginning tomorrow.

Well, I thought it’s only 16 died due to the swine flu but when I read the news there have been 18th people died already as of today’s report. (

Talking of wearing the masks, the government hospital here in Satun is giving free masks to all the people.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

First Time Experience

I’ve been here in Thailand for almost 9 years now. The first time, I came here was in 2000 for a short study then I went back home for a month and came here early 2001. Since that time, I considered that Thailand is my second home. I’ve been very used with their culture, customs, language, and food. Then, wherever I went I never afraid that someone might snatch or did something bad. In other words, I always feel that I am safe in here.

But today, my bestfriend and I went to the City. After we got up from the taxi that we hired from Satun to the City, we went to the ATM machine and withdrawn some amount to send back home for my mother’s birthday. While we were waiting for the western union to be opened we hanged around at TOPS and tried to see things which were my bestfriend never seen yet. We’re enjoying seeing things inside the grocery, then all of the sudden my bestfried noticed that two men were following us wherever we went. Then, at the first time I saw them, I wasn’t scared that much but at the couple of times seeing them following wherever we went. I was very terrified and my legs were shaking and I told my bestfriend that I was really scared and shaking and I prayed for God’s protection.

Then, we tried to lost them; we went to the second floor wherein the Western Union is located. While I was filing the form, I saw them and I was shaking again, so I told the lady who’s working at the Western Union and I explained to her what had happened to us while we were at the grocery. Then she phoned the security and two securities came to us and tried to protect us. Then sooner a policeman came, while we’re hanging around on the third floor, I saw the two young men on the escalator very far away from us and they tried to walk to fast. What a relieved after seeing them went down stairs.

It was my first time to experience such a terrible time. I used to hang around in that department store almost every month but no one noticed my beauty……. Like following me wherever I went….hmm I think it was because I was walking with the most handsome celebrity in the world…(for my eyes only) Winks…..

Oh by the way, we wanted to go Pizza hut for lunch and swensens for desserts but I was very scared to cross to the other department store. So, we decided to go to LOTUS wherein the taxi driver was going to pick us up after we’ve done shopping. And the securities were very kind they arranged tuktuk driver to bring us to Lotus. Then we had our lunch there at Pizza Company.

Truly, I thank God for HIS divine protection for us today. We returned to the town where I am staying safe and sound.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Long Weekend Holiday

It’s a long holiday weekend here in Thailand. Supposedly, the holidays will be on July 7-8 good thing that the prime minister declared that the holiday will start on July 6 until July 8 and classes will resume on July 9. Wow!!! Long weekend holiday...Yahooooo..

Well, sad to say that, the school director declared for a day meeting again and that will be tomorrow. Anyways, before the director declared for a day meeting, I asked permission already that I’ll be out of the town for a couple of days. Good thing that I asked permission immediately, if I wouldn’t ask permission earlier so I should have to attend our one day meeting!

Now, I am bit busy for getting something to be done. So, have a wonderful weekend to everyone!

Fever and Colds

At school many have been suffering fever and colds, most of the classes the children have been coughing and sneezing.

Yesterday morning, I noticed that my grade 5 student was not feeling better so I talked to her and tried to tell her to go to the clinic and rest there. But she refused to go because according to her, she can still manage to attend the class.

After lunch yesterday, I started sneezing and having running nose as well. I thought that I was just allergic to something. So, when I arrived home, I tried to take some anti histamine tablet but no improvement. AndI felt that I had a mild fever. So, I drink lots of orange juice and water and then I went to sleep very early. When I got up today, I felt like I was still having a mild fever but I ignored it, I took shower and drink lots of water and orange juice and I took couple of tables of the vitamin c. Until I am still having a nosing nose but the mild fever was gone. PTL!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

No Matter What....

My co Filipino teacher left at school without proper permission from the administrator. But Monday morning, we’re told by her housemate, who is their pastor (co teacher as well) that she has been sick. Since, it was my duty so I couldn’t phone her immediately but as soon as my duty done. I went to our office and phoned her but on my first phoned call she didn’t answer. So, I was thinking that she must have been resting so I waited for an hour then I phoned her again. Then she answered the phone, I asked her; how she has been doing and then she started crying. Then I was asking her why she has been crying, and I told her that if she’s sick that’s very normal and she needed some rest and she would recover soon. But she never stopped crying and then said told me that, she could not hide from me…and I asked her what does she mean that she couldn’t hide from me. Then she told me that she’s on her way to Bangkok because she needed to go back home. Then I was astonished and I told her that if it’s you’re decision then go for it but it would be nice if you asked proper permission from the administrator first because you’re in at school in proper way too. Since, you’re riding on the bus, so you couldn’t ask permission from the school already.

Her reason that she didn’t ask permission from the school because she was scared that might be the administrator would not allow her to go back home. I think she’s a little bit right also but I don’t think so that the administrator would do hold of her and I was very sure that school administrator would release her freely as she released my Australian colleague last month.

Well, when she reached to Bangkok, she phoned me and she cried again and told me that she regretted that travelled to Bangkok. Then I prayed for her on the phone and believing that God would order her steps. Then she told me to tell the school directress that she would not be back anymore. Then I told her, if the directress would ask about her then that’s the time I would tell.

Sure enough early today, the directress called me to go to her office. Then she asked Ate Inday whether she would come back and teach again. Then I told the directress that she would not come back anymore. Then, my heart melt with the response of the directress, she only said that she felt pity with Inday, because she had been waiting for her work permit and now it’s already released and she’s gone. See, if she have asked proper permission then the trust and the friendship remain forever. Then directress asked me if I have a friend to replace Ate Inday’s teaching job. I didn’t promise any because they only give a very low compensation and I am not sure whether my friend will accept the offer.

Honestly, there’s no harm of trying to ask a proper exist if you wish to leave your work for good. (Co Filipino shared this to me that she went to Krabi province to find a new job, she tried to apply to a school there but when the director knew that she’s a Filipino the director got angry because a couple of Filipino teachers left his school without proper permission and according to my Co Filipino the director promised not to accept any Filipino applicant) …..

Please Filipinos, we’ve known to be good and hard workers. Please no matter what….let us try to ask proper permission before leaving our work places. I am confident that the places we’ve been working with for a little while, sure enough they contributed lots of help as what I’ve been helped by the school where I’ve been working for a couple of years already. Although the salary, it’s not much but I am very thankful that God put me in here.