Friday, February 29, 2008

BFF Gold Card

Wow! Thank you so much for passing this interesting award, love. I guess, at this time, the paypal will not reject my application anymore because I have a credit card already.. ha ha ha ha ha ha


My weekdays went wonderfully, eventhough I was bit sick for few days but it turned into a blessing though. Also my brother was discharged from the hospital today.

I'm very excited to visit my family friend in the City again. After a month or so of not visiting them and tomorrow I will there. Hurrayyy...! I have been missing them especially the little children. I cannot wait to hug the little baby. I'm not so sure if he can still recognize me...

Alright, this is all for now. Have a wonderful weekend to everyone.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Amazing provisions!

Last night, I was not able to sleep well. I kept thinking on how and where we (family) could find money for the hospitalization of my brother. Since that the allotment money would never be released until Sunday due to some reasons. And my brother will be discharged from the hospital before Sunday. So I tried my own solution, I tried to contact some of my friends unfortunately I never succeeded. Then, I gave up and tried to get some sleep but I slept few hours only because I was so worried. I thought, I am so strong enough to face the situation like this. But I am not at all. As far as I remember, I was very good at giving encouragement to the people who needed. Here am I….????

After school, I called my family back home again, and asked them if they found some money for my brother’s hospitalization. Glad to know that they found some money but not the whole amount yet. So I started worrying again and trying to get some solutions of my own. But some insights came into my mind... Man’s own way will never always be successful but God’s way will always be successful. Without HIM I can't do anything.....I am rebuked again..... Headshots!

After I hung up the phone, I greeted my friend online and we chatted for a while and I shared up my situation. Then for few minutes she never replied to my message so I thought she must be busy. (The reason she never replied to my message because she’s sending text message to her mother back to our homeland) Then after few minutes, she replied to my message and she told me that she told her mother about my situation. And she even told me that, her mother was willing to send some financial help for my brother. I was speechless and my heart was melting and I can’t help myself but rather cried. So, my friend asked me how her mother handed the amount to my family. My friend’s mother is living in Cagayan De Oro City but my family is living in the Province and it’s quite far from the city where my friend’s mother lives. Here’s a real situation, none of my siblings have got a bank account. This is an evidence how rich my family is……(smiling here) what’s the opposite of rich…..then….?? Well, my friend’s mother had an idea how she could send the money to my family. Thank God for the life of my family friends and thank God for our “Nanay” mother’s life. Thank God for using HIS people in meeting the needs of my brother-family. (They're too kind to lend their money) Above all, I thank God for HIS amazing provisions. God bless you all more abundantly. Thank God for the healing my brother. Tomorrow, he will be discharged from the hospital. God is so faithful!

If I fully trusted into God’s ways and never worried for nothing, I would have slept well last night. Anyways, God still loves me in spite of the fact that I have worries sometimes. God is so faithful...Exodus 14, this is my reading today....I should not be afraid, I should stand still....I should not be worried....

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I received this award from Lalaine/love. Thank you so much for passing this nice award to me, love. ...This is really great...... :-)
Now, I would like to pass this award to all my friends who are in my link. :-)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last night, after I posted my blog I received a text from my family back home, informing me that my younger brother was slightly attacked by a high blood pressure. After I’ve read the text, I shouted, “LORD I give up everything unto YOUR hands”. I immediately, phoned my family and glad to know that my younger brother was feeling okay. What a relieve! And I phoned them again today and he’s doing fine but he is still at the hospital.

Being away from the people that I love, I couldn’t avoid thinking and sometimes worrying about their situation also. Even though, I know for sure that God is always taking care and loving them much more than I do. Many times that I was rebuked by God instead of worrying I should put my trust in HIM first and for most.

Many times that I stored many questions into my mind along with those questions were: 1. Am I an effective witness here? 2. Am I doing the things that I supposed to be doing? 3. Why am I working alone? 4. Am I not a good companion? 5. Am I just plain useless here? 6. What am I here for? In other words, I was having this feeling of unworthiness, unproductiveness, uselessness, and in general self-pity. Ha ha ha ha!

All those questions were answered when I started pondering the goodness and the faithfulness of God in my life. Also, God allowed me to feel a little bit sick since yesterday so that I could ponder the things that HE has been doing since HE found me. He has been so faithful in supplying all my needs from the smallest needs and to my very needs. It is HE who brought me here. It is His grace that I’ve been here for 7 years now. This is HIS work and I’m just working with HIM. Be it and let it be LORD!

I’ve been missing my sweet, close, and loving relationship with my Eternal Father. Before, I never get anything without praying, and asking for God’s approval first, may it be buying things, making decisions, doing something, etc. I usually pray first before taking any actions. Recently, I've been so reluctant I always go with the flow which has not been truly good. The reason is, because I don’t want to be called too spiritual. Ha ha ha ha…laughing at myself now!

Today, I came into the realization that I should ask my Father’s permission first before taking any actions. And I should bear this in my heart that, I’ve never been alone because HE is always there for me. And He always been providing people in my life. Then, I should turn the negative into the positive side (Romans 8:28). I should restore my close, sweet, and loving relationship with my Eternal Father. By God’s help I can make it.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Not Feeling Well...

Before I went to bed last night, I was not feeling well. My left hand, left leg, and left chestbeen numbing. I’ve never felt like this for few months now, but all of a sudden it came back last night.

When I got up this morning, I still felt the same but I forced myself to go to school because I felt pity with my students. Besides I have to catch up the lessons that I left behind especially for the higher grades. Unfortunately, I only taught during the first period because I felt tired and the numbness in my left hand, leg, chest went through my left face already and my head was aching so terribly. After the first period, I called our principal informing her that I wanted to go home because I was not feeling well. (I phoned because the office is quite far from the Elementary department, and I wasn’t sure if they would allow me to go home). Good that she permitted me to go home. Then I asked her if the school driver could drive me home. Thank God the driver drove me home! The school has a driver that only drives for the school car. This driver always stays at school for emergency. But the school vans drivers never stay at school, they only send and bring back the students to their respective places. They’re only visible at school before the flag ceremony and after the classes.

Before I left at school, I gave some instructions to my grade 6 students, what they’re going to do. I left my book (the teacher’s guide book wherein I wrote all the answers) to their classroom leader, and I asked her to write the answers on the whiteboard and let her classmates copy and write the answers on their workbook. Well, I hope they’re okay. By the way, I only taught them once a week and I have to finish all the topics before second week of March and I still have 2 units left. (We don’t finish the topics on time because we have so much of school activities). The coordinator told me, if I would never finish the lessons on time I have to teach with the students at night. Since February 4, the grade 6 students have been staying at school from Mondays to Fridays due to the lessons that needed to be finished. Then, the administrators have been assigning teachers to be with the students during nights. They’ve been doing like this every year, for grade 6 students only for the betterment of their studies. Well, if I never finish my lessons, I have to teach with them at least a night for two hours. I’m a bit anxious about this though. I hope I could finish my lessons on time, in spite of the fact that I was absent today.

Well, back to my situation after I took some medicine, and rested, I am now feeling better. I hope I will be totally healed by tomorrow so that I can go back to work.
Just showing off our new school uniform. This is too hot as in hot but nothing to do with it because this is our school uniform and have to wear this every Monday and Friday.
Good night to all!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Having Fun

Before lunch today, my friend and her niece came to my house. They brought some noodles soup, shrimp paste, and fruits. And they brought some “pandan” leaves, too. Just wondering what she's going to do with those leaves. So I asked her about it, and she said, she’s going to make flowers from the Pandan leaves. So I asked her how was she going to make flowers from the leaves. Of course she explained it to me on how to make flowers from the leaves. While we’re waiting the rice to cook, she started making the flowers already and she made them nicely. Before we ate our lunch she’s done making the flowers.

This is the flowers made from the Pandan leaves. What do you think? Aren't they beautiful?

Around 5 pm, she decided to go home because she wanted to follow her mother to the farm. When she mentioned about the farm, I was so interested to go with her too, and I wanted to see what’s there. So we went to their farm unfortunately her mother just went back to their house. Anyways, we had fun there watering the vegetables. The most exciting thing that we did, we took water from the fish pond.
Morning glory

Chinese Pichay(not sure with the spelling) ;-)

We have to lower down the pail into the fish pond so that we could get some water.

I really like the scenery.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Surprised Visit.....

Few minutes after I got up this morning, my co teachers arrived. I never took shower yet and I was still wearing my pajamas. They never told me a day before that they’re going to visit me today. Anyways, I’m glad that they came which I always do. Immediately, I prepared our breakfast. After our breakfast, I decided to do my hair treatment since my friends were here, so I let them use my hair treatment as well. Then after the hair treatment, my other co teacher told me that she knows how to do the facial treatment. Whew…! Since, I’ve got some facial cream so we decided to do facial treatment too. What a treat…… Then after lunch, they went home and I did bloghopping again. :-)
Feeling good while Denia is massaging my face.

Not renovated yet.... :-)
renovated already. There's a great difference

The result of the renovated faces…Look prettier now….Besides, after the facial treatment I can feel that the skin on my face is so smooth. I want to do like this often....heheheheh

Denia and Ate Jhuda

Great that you've visited me. Never regreted at all.

Ate Jhuda reviewing the projects of my students at the same time relaxing while waiting that the hair treatment cap done treating her hair...

Happy Weekend to everyone!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Pair of Shoes

Every Saturday, we had a famous night weekend market here in the small town where I am staying. Wherein we could buy cheap stuff and mostly the items are from the other countries. Then if you’re blessed enough you could still buy nice stuff and branded also.

Last Saturday, my friend and I went there. I didn't have any plans to buy something. I just wanted to accompany my friend. But while we’re walking we saw nice pairs of shoes, so we went closer to them. I sat on the rail while waiting for my friend to finish looking for some shoes. All of the sudden, a pair of shoes caught my eye, so I went closer and picked them up and tried to fit them. And to my surprise, they really fit on my feet. And the priced of that pair of shoes was so shocking. It’s only 10 baht and….it’s pure and soft leather…! Wow!

Even though, I never thought of buying something since it’s so cheap and still usable. So I never hesitate to buy that pair of shoes even I still have few pair of shoes.

So happy that I bought this pair of shoes. They're quite new and my feet are so comfortable everytime I wear them.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Valentines Day was over but I still want to blog my valentine’s activity with my grade 1 students.

Three days before the Valentines Day, I let my grade 1 students to make Valentine’s cards. And I told them that I would have to choose five nice cards, and I have got surprises for five students who made nicest cards. So the students were so excited about the surprises and each one was so quiet making cards. I didn’t include the higher grades because I know that they’ve great ideas already, besides I’ve done making card contests for my grade 5 students last year. So this Valentines day, I focused with my grade 1 students only. I was truly amazed of what my grade one students have made. Some were so creative and they made beautiful cards more than I expected.
So on Valentine’s Day, I announced the five winners, and I gave some candies to the students who made their cards also. But for the top five students who made nice cards I gave some stuff toys.

The rewards and the five cards

These are the five pupils who made nice Valentine's cards

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Red Tagged

I was tagged by Love. Thank you love...

I was chosen to be one of the Master of Ceremonies for Search Miss Puripornchai Suksa School, last New Year’s Party at school. The coordinator told us, that we have to wear Santa Clause suits. Good enough that she agreed with me when I suggested, that I would just wear a red blouse, skirt, and Santa Clause’s hat. Actually, I had a hard time looking the red skirt that’s fitted on me. Then one Sunday, I went to the department store in the City and I found this nice, cotton red skirt, and it’s 50% off. When I fitted it, it looked good on me and I loved the style, too. Since then, I never wore it again because at school we’ve to wear three colors only, black, brown and white due to the mourning.

Now, I would like to pass this tagged to Janet, Aisha, Noemi and Marites.


My computer was crashed for the second time now. So for few days, I was not able to do blogging as well as blog hopping.

I’m glad that my computer got fixed already. I asked the technicians what was the caused why my computer was crashed again. The technicians explained that some volts were loose and it’s quite dirty inside, too. I thought, there was a virus that contaminated in my computer. Glad that the damaged was not that much. And the service charged was so reasonable. I thought, it was quite expensive but it wasn't. I borrowed some money from my friend because I can't wait until my pay day. To Wait for two weeks are too long for me.... because of blogging...? I think so...hmm blogging is one of those.... :-)

Well, I'll never, never, never stop dreaming, desiring and praying for a brand new laptop. I’ve been praying about this for quite sometime now. I had a laptop before, it was a blessing by friends and I only used it for quite sometime.

I guess enough for computer thing: I am glad that I’m back now and I can do blogging and blog hopping again and many more....

Saturday, February 16, 2008


Since I got up this morning, I never did anything I just sat in front of my computer and did blog hopping. It was almost 3 pm that I stopped hopping and started doing the house chores.

Blog hopping it’s really nice but it consumes so much of my time. How much more if I join the business world, I might not be able to do other things. But the advantage of it, I’ll get paid out of it, and the disadvantage I might get hook on it.heheheh Anyways, I am still considering, to be engaged in the business world someday. Well, this is my assessment of myself. I know, that I’m not really good in controlling myself, once I indulge to do one thing I never stop until I’ve done what I wanted to be done. I’m really struggling on this area.

The result of my blog hopping today was truly great. So far, I liked it and I posted some of them on my page. If you can see the banner of the left side on my page, I took it from the Christian Women Online.
By the way, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to someone who edited my page and made it into three columns, no other than my friend, Mica-Noemi. Thank you so much! God bless your heart!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Nice dinner

Early morning yesterday, my friend told me that she wanted to invite me for a dinner since it’s a valentine’s day. So I agreed with her, but around 3 pm yesterday while I was still at school. She phoned me and told me that we can’t go out for dinner, because her manager was inviting her to visit to their closed family friend. Therefore, we postponed the dinner for the next day.

Today, when I arrived at my house she phoned and reminded me about our dinner. So, I told her that I will be waiting for her at my house and we’ll go for a dinner. Well, she came straight to my house from her office, and she brought yellow roses with matching heart shape brooch.

Around 7 pm , we went to KhupKhon (Thank you) Restaurant and we had our nice dinner there.

She told me that she never bought the yellow roses, but she picked these up from the garden at her office. And she added, she's the one planting it also.

Here are the food that we ordered

Pla khrop ( fish crackers) So tasty and I like this.

Khrop somtam say kay kem ( crispy papaya salad with salted egg)

Mortaba one of favorite roti . This is made of flour with meat and spices inside. Eat this with fish curry or other kinds of curry and also with the chilli sauce and it's so delicious.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

I guess, everyone is so excited about this occasion, and each one is thinking or planning what she or he can give to someone special. Might be some are thinking of making fancy valentines cards, buying flowers, singing a love song over the phone, buying heart shape chocolates, preparing a nice dinner with candle lights, etc.
This pix-google
But few also are so scared that the day might go by without a single phone call, card, flower, chocolate, or piece of candy that indicates they are special to someone. Before I battled the same fear but since my LOVING SAVIOR found me. I always feel that I am special in HIS EYES and He cares so much about me. I am the apple of HIS EYE. Glory!

My CREATOR has been so faithful. He has always special presents for me. My best friend is one of the special presents that HE has given to me.

Nice heart shape valentine's card and beautiful roses

My co teacher she made this heart shape valentine's card and gave it to me, early this morning. How sweet of her..

Just showing off the three roses from my co teacher.

Look at my sweet student! After my class today she handed this cute flower to me. As a remembrance, I took picture of us. Well, every Valentine's day I received flowers from my loving students.

Happy Valentines Day to ONE and ALL!

Sunday, February 10, 2008


I was fascinated with the projects of the practical arts students. So I asked permission from their subject teacher, that I wanted to take pictures of the projects of his students, and he said yes, so I grabbed my camera and took pictures of them. After I took pictures, I asked the students, if they're going to sell their hand made pots. But they answered in unison, "No teacher, we'll keep them. Well, I really wanted to buy one of those hand made pots but sorry....the students wanted to keep their projects.

The practical Arts students proudly showing off their finished hand made pots
Happy Weekend to one and all...!

Saturday, February 9, 2008


It has always been wonderful to talk with my family especially if it is live chat and I could see them and they could see me as well. Every time I watched them on the web cam I can’t help myself but grabbed my digital camera and took picture of us while chatting. At this moment, many of them came to the internet because they wanted to see me on the web cam. My niece who just got married was there, too.

Even though, I spoke to them on the phone almost every week but seeing them on the web cam it makes great difference because I could see their smiles and their facial expressions. Spending time with family, it adds joy in my heart.

There’s not enough light in my room that’s why the pictures are not clear.

My niece who just got married (tied up her hair) and on her side is her younger sister,Yenyen.

Here's my big family but not all are presence....

Sunday, February 3, 2008


This weekend, I didn’t do much. I just stayed at home and did some house chores and relaxed. Well, I was so moody for few days too ,so it was good also that I stayed at home and I had time to reflect and ponder about myself.

I just came to the realization that I spent so much (fares & some other stuff) every weekend. And our new school uniform just arrived and it is bit expensive. Our school uniforms are not covered by the school, we have to pay for them. Almost every year, we have new uniforms and the prices are not that cheap anyways... Well, my salary is not that much just enough for my necessary needs. So I decided not to go to the City every weekend, even though how I miss my family friend especially their sweet children. I might be visiting them once a month or once in every two months. Too long, but I have to discipline and control myself due to the budget.

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Since last Sunday, I’ve been so discouraged after I weighed myself and I gained more than I expected. Since that time, I’ve been eating a lot. I ate like never before. I can’t imagine how I ate that much.

But today after I rested, I surfed on the internet about the daily devotional. Unintentionally I left my devotional book in my drawer at school. And I found this wonderful devotional online that really fits me.

1 John 2:1
My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous.

'I can't win,' the woman lamented. 'I give in and eat something, and then I feel guilty. When I feel guilty, I eat. The more I eat, the guiltier I feel, and the guiltier I feel, the more I eat!' Sometimes we feel like failures when we break our diets. We can be swept up in a sense of guilt that makes it nearly impossible for us to stick to our diet. The solution to guilt is forgiveness, and forgiveness comes to us through our advocate, Jesus Christ the righteous. Jesus knows that we sometimes give in, and He loves us just the same. Accept His love, accept His forgiveness, and let go of any guilt you may feel.
Today's thought: I am not condemned just because I sometimes

Truly, this is how I feel. After I ate a lot I feel guiltier, but still I ate again and for almost a week I’ve been doing it. So after reading this I have decided to go back to my healthy eating habit. And I already asked forgiveness of what I’ve done and my bad feeling about myself.