Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Wedding bouquet and the veil

 I had a privileged to use my little skill on sewing during the wedding of my housemate. At first, I asked her if she would allow me to make her headdress and veil, then she said, “Yes”. Since that day, I had my thinking and imagining how I could make her head dress. I already had different ideas but I want the best for her.
To make the long story, a week before her wedding I already made her veil. It was my first time to make headdress for a bride and I was very happy with the result. Then two days before her wedding, someone has to make her bouquet, and again, I volunteered to make her bouquet. I used the fresh flowers. Actually, she’s not the only one that I made bouquets; I made a couple of time already for my friends. I have been so thankful to God for my little skills. 

She sure looks stunning! She looks like a princess.

While she's walking on the aisle. On her headdress I used the fresh flowers.
The headdress and the bouquet, they looked so simple and yet beautiful. And the bride looks so beautiful.

A Mother of the Groom

It has always been wonderful feeling that someone counted you to stand up as a mother of the groom. When the couple told me that they wanted me to stand up as mother of the groom, I felt honor but jokingly I said, now, I am too old already to be be a mother... Well, right away, I said "yes" to them because I know for sure that it was a great privilege to stand up on their most memorable day.

 Just simply me, happily signing up the document while the newly wed witness. Great feeling.
Of course, a posed with the bride and groom. 

During this day, everyone has fun, like eating, dancing, singing and the party lasted until 4 in the morning. For me, after the meal, I had to exit because of my work but I still had fun visiting and eating with my Filipino new found friends.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Fast Healing And Recovery

A couple of days before my mother was rushed to the hospital, I missed her so much and thought a lot about her. Therefore, sent text to my brother asked about my mother, in his replied to my text, our mother was coughing and I asked if she’s taking for cough medicine and my brother said, yes. Because of the time different, I went to sleep after communicating to my brother. Then when I got up in the morning, I received a text that my mother was ill. So, I told my brother to bring her to the hospital as soon as possible.

To make the long story short, my mother has been in the hospital for a couple of days now. On her second and third night at the hospital, she was struggling from breathing, so she needed to use the oxygen. And I thank God because last night she never used the oxygen anymore and she is getting better now.

It is always hard to know when one someone so dearest to my heart is being sick. My first reaction was to cry out to God for help and extending my mama’s life. The other day at work, I ran to the washroom and cried out loud because I received a scary text from my brother...There I was begging God to heal my mother. As we I write this, my brother phone me and told me that my mother status is very much stable. And I thank God for healing my mother by using the doctor, nurses and the medication. I also thank God for my family and friends here and back home who have been praying for the fast recovery of my mother.

My beautiful mother seating on her bed at the hospital.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disk Drill For Windows

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The advantage of installing the free app of disk drill is that, it has everything you need already. Besides, it gives the assurance to quick scan, rebuild, rescue, protects the data and any documents to prevent of vanishing again, and in addition, this will analyze the usage of your gadgets. What are you waiting for? Why don’t you act now? Install this amazing app, so that you don’t feel sorry because you lose your data.

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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Surprise Visit

Yesterday morning, I was busy working in the kitchen and one of the servers called me and told me that someone was looking for me. When I looked at beside the server, it was my previous assistant manager smiling. I was very surprised seeing him at my present workplace. We visited for awhile, he asked few questions regarding my present job, and so, all my answers to his questions were all “yes”.

Before we parted ways, he told me; a couple of times that, if ever, I want to work with them again, in a heart beats, they will accept me right away, even just a part time, because their doors are always wide open for me. I feel so blessed to hear him telling me that their doors are open for me to work with them again.  

I also grabbed the opportunity to take picture of us as a remembrance of his visit. Before, he left in the kitchen, he jokingly said to one of the servers, I came here to try to steal her to work with us again, but her decision is firm. Upon hearing him, I was just smiling at him and I didn't say anything. However, deep inside my heart, I was thanking God for allowing me to work with those kind-heart people. And I strong believe that in my present job, this is God’s given work to me. God knows best!

A surprised visit of my previous assistant manager. Just don't mind of my puffy eye bags. I developed these puffy eye bags lately, I don't know why....I guess it is time for me to find a remedy for my puffy eye bags.....

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Every Penny Counts

I am habitual user of the Avon products specially the lipsticks and the deodorant. However, I am only using one particular name of the deodorant, the faraway. Before I flew to Canada, I brought with me few tubes of deodorants; unfortunately, they don’t last longer so I asked my few friends who went back to the Philippines to buy me a couple of tubes. Just last month, my new found friend here, bought me a couple of tubes, and these will last longer, I guess.

Anyway, speaking of the products, just yesterday, I decided to sign up and be an individual dealer. I am a little bit excited being a member because once I will purchase any product I will be  having a discount, and if ever, I will sell to my friends, I will be earning a little bit. For my point of view, every cent counts.

Well, ever since, I didn't think or plan to be a member of the Avon. Since, my workmate told me the advantage of being a member. Therefore, I gave it a try. Anyways, whether I will sell or not I will lose nothing. However, who knows someday many of my friends will order, and I will be earning even a little bit. As I said; every penny counts.

The catalogue eight, there are lots of sales, for instance, 5 pieces mix and match lipsticks for 20 dollars only. Isn't that cheap? Some women don’t want to go out without wearing lipsticks. Moreover, that’s the way, I was before, but for some reasons, I stopped doing it. I guess; I will be wearing lipstick again, every time I go out just to be back to what I use to be. Coolness!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Anti-slip Shoes

The other day, my manager handed me a new pair of working shoes. I was surprised when she gave me the anti-slip shoes. Actually, I was really planning to buy new working shoes, because the one that I have been using has been getting older and the foam inside has coming out already, but still very usable and my feet have been so happy every time I wear my old shoes.

On the day that my manage gave me the shoes, I wore them on my whole seven hours shift, unfortunately, my feet were not happy with it yet, because it’s quite heavy on me and it’s a pure leather. However, once I will wear it for a couple of times, I am very sure that my feet will be happy with it already. As of this time, I am still using my old working shoes. I am very grateful and thankful to my manager for being so thoughtful and giving me the shoes.

 This is my new anti-slip working shoes.
Presenting to you my old working shoes. As I said, my feet are always happy every time I wear this. And I am also happy wearing this going to work,  if the pathways are covered of snow because the sole seems hold the slippery pathways.

By the way, wearing the anti-slip shoes are very convenient and comfortable, and I have no worries if the floor is wet or not because the sole of the shoes itself holds the floor. It seems it sucks the wet floor, I guess. I am very glad that my previous manager recommended us to use the anti-slip shoes when we were working in the kitchen. Super like!

Bigger Boss

When my head boss, the owner of the hotel that I am working with now gave me a note on my pay roll saying, Thanks! Warlita... Raise to___ per hour.  I was teary-eyed when I saw that note! The words that came out of my mouth; thank you Lord for the increased of my salary! I know it was You who touched the heart of my boss, and You have seen my hard work, Lord.

God sees everything I do and every time I make something I always ask HIS help, wisdom and everything I make will turn out be okay and tasty, so that the customers would love it. I have nothing to boast in every success that I achieve because I always make my living God as my partner, but sometimes, I ask God’s forgiveness because occasionally  deep in my mind, I murmur when someone keeps on asking me to do something even I am not finish doing other things.  However, God teaches and reminds me; to do the work without murmuring and deputing. Once, I am reminding God’s word then I stop murmuring, instead thanking God for the work that He has providing me. God teaches me so much to be humble and just do the work. Then I continually working happily because I know I have the Bigger Boss Who always see me every time I am working on something, my Genuine, Faithful and Loving Father!

Back to my boss, he is very true to his words because he told my manager that once, I know to cook he will increase my salary and he did. God bless my boss Lord!

Surprised note on my payroll. Thank you Lord God for the increased!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Comfortable to share with

Since I transferred to Cochrane, God gives me lots of church friends whom I am very comfortable to share my agony with. I can cry in front of them, specially this woman wearing black and while tops. She and her family are the workers in Ukraine and they are back here to rest for a year or so. It is always nice to have someone to share with and to pray with.

 At this time, we were preparing for our dinner and while waiting for our food to be ready, the host captured us first.
 Of course, before the Bible Study it's very normal that we'll have to feed our bodies first. So the ladies were always sat on the table and we enjoyed our delicious food.

And the men ate at the livingroom
And after the meal, now it's time to start the Bible Study. The man wearing black top is our Bible study leader. After our Bible Study, we always have prayer session, and lastnight, I didn't share any prayer request but I was just surprised to hearing him praying for me especially my grief. God was using him to pray for me because deep inside me I was in pain but I don't want to say it to everyone at that very moment....
 We studied the book of Revelation and last night were on chapter 4.
Some are bringing there iphones, ipads, and tablets, but for me I always love to carry my Bible,pen and my notebook because I feel so convinient when I jotdown using pen and notebook.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Work out again

While I was blogging my housemate arrived from work, she courageously invited me to join her to do the exercise. So, I finished my blogposts and joined with her. It has been awhile that I never did the exercise, unlike when I was still in Thailand I used to do aerobics with my Thai friends. Now, I have a housemate who is very eager to do the exercise and I am very much encouraged to do my exercise again.

Before we've started our exercise, we took pictures first...just for fun. anyway, I didn't finish the whole duration of the exercise that we followed on youtube because I was out of breathe already. For me, if I am out breathe I had to stop because my heart beats would not be able to do more. But the important thing is that I sweat a lot which is very good sign.

From Dishwasher to food prep to Cook

Since I arrived here in Canada I already have three jobs, the first job that I got was the very challenging and scary one for me, because it was my first time to work at the Mexican restaurant, the challenged there was to make different kinds of Mexican salsas, etc. Eventually, I've learned how to make Mexican food with the helped of my trainers, the Filipino workers.

Then time for me to venture another job, so I was accepted as a dishwasher at bearspaw country club, my job there was the easiest one because all I had to do was to gather all the used kitchen wares and put them in the dishwasher and arranged them in the racks once I've done washing them. Since, it was only a seasonal job, so once the seasoned ended up. I looked for another job.l

Thankfully, because of one of the chefs at bearspaw country club I have a full time job. She recommended me to the manager at the restaurant where I have been working regularly since December. At first, I was hired as a dishwasher, then they trained me how to do food prep, then two weeks already, they're training me how to cook their food specially the cooking the steaks. And my manager would always to let me do and cook the soups which I really like to do.
 Here's my homemade carrot soup. What I usually do, I sliced the carrots, onions, celery and sauteed them in vegetable oil, add milk, water, add salt and pepper, then once, the vegetables are cooked, I blend them and after blending, I put them back in the cooking pot and that's the time, I added the rest of the ingredients such as milk, cream, butter and chicken stock. But my best ingredient everytime I cook is the prayer and asking God to let my soup taste good. God truly answer prayers. Because everytime  I made soup everyone commented the soup is so delicious.  It is because God makes all things possible for His glory and honor.
 Cheese and broccoli soup, what I discovered here is that, I sauteed the half of the broccoli with onions add water, milk and chicken stock, then once the vegetables are cooked already, I blended them, then on the separate cooking pot I melted the butter, once butter already melted well, I added milk, water and I put back the blended broccoli and onions. Then bring it to boil, once it boils already add the chunks broccoli and lots of shredded cheese, once the cheese is melted already, I added salt and paper to taste.
 Corn Chowder soup, I blended half of the cooked corn to thicken the soup. Then same procedures from above.
 Chicken pot pie. Delicious. I am going to share more of this later because my housemate is inviting me to join with her...Doing exercise.

Meat loaf. Interesting more on this next time. Delicious.....


Friday, March 13, 2015

Pregnancy Care Center

Yesterday at church there was a gathering and fund raising for caring the pregnant women. This specific group, who has the heart to care for the unwanted pregnant women with the noble purposes; to prevent abortions and the main goal is to share the love of God to the pregnant women. Not only that they also look after the very needs of the mother and child. For instance, if the single mothers don’t have the place to live, the center will allow them stay until they will be able to stand up by their own. However, it doesn't mean that once they will be out at the center, the relationship will end up, no never. There will always be the follow up session especially on her spiritual life- I would say, the fellowship remains, which is very essential for everyone.

My heart rejoices and breaks upon listening to the testimony of the mother who undergone an abortion thirty years ago, and she kept her secret for many, many, many years until the moment she came to the pregnancy care center, and she became courageous to share her testimony to anybody who needs forgiveness and restoration of life in Christ Jesus. While listening to her testimony I was teary-eyed because everything she shared was very true and very relevant to our present generation. Yes, there are many innocent lives being killed every time and then because those women who have experience unwanted pregnancy are so depressed and doesn't know what to do. Therefore, they need guidance and taking care of, that’s the goal of the pregnancy care center.

I was very happy that I was able to help by just serving the food to the attendees. It is always wonderful to serve God in many ways. I am always looking forward to do more volunteering work as much as I can for the glory of the Lord.

In the kitchen at Cochrane Alliance Church, we're preparing for the salad and vegetables. It has always been wonderful to serve.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Magnificent weather

We have been blessed with the good weather since last year and this year as well. As far as I remember, this is the best weather that I ever have witnessed, because on my first and second year here, every winter, there was always the winter storm warnings and some of the roads were closed due to the very bad weather. I could see on the TV news there were massive of vehicular accidents and many lives were lost as well. Very sad to see this kind of bad situation, but what we can do, rather that to be very careful while driving and pray for safe journey.

I remember, there were a couple of times that my husband and I went to somewhere for the important errand, we could hardly see the road because of the heavy snow pouring out, and the roads were covered by thick snow.

Honestly, during my first experienced of the out pouring of the snow, I was so happy taking pictures and I see to it that I captured every bit of it. I would say, in a little while I was hooked up by the beauty of the snow. hmmmmmm please don't get me wrong, to be honest, until now, I still appreciate the beauty of the snow, especially when the trees are covered by frost/snow and it surely so pleasant to my eye-sight. But the coldness of the weather, is the one giving me hard time lately, I think I am sure feed up of weather double clothes, besides from wearing winter suits. And of course, there is more important reason of it. 

For example: 
 Since my husband went with the Lord and I have to walk to going to work, and if the snow is pouring out hard, I have to ride a taxi. But sometimes, I have that feeling that I should walk because I want to train my body temperature to get used to the super cold weather; like my housemates would always do. Unfortunately, my body would suffer a lot if I would walk under the below zero temperature. There were a couple of times that I could hardly make it to my work place, because I was running out of my breathe. So, that that time on, I decided not to walk to work if the weather is below zero because I don't want to compromise my health.

Well, the beautiful weather will be here soon, so by that time, I will not be taking taxi and I could do my exercise by walking. Anyway, my work place is not really far from where I live now, it is only less than 10 minutes walk if I walk a little bit fast, if I will walk slow, it takes about 12 to 15 minutes, not bad actually.

By the way, speaking of the good weather, today the weather is very wonderful as well as yesterday. When look at outside, I always think of my sweetheart, and I always told to my self, if he's here, he surely be so happy seeing and witnessing the good weather. But I always concluded that he is in the best now, where there is no more pain and suffering. Through this, I am well comforted because I know one day, we will be seeing each other again.
This morning, I captured this photo, and I would say that the sun is smiling and shining so brightly. Thank you Lord for the magnificent  weather.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Ninety Days Already

When I woke up this morning, the first thing that came in my mind was the date and I said to myself, today is March 9, and it has been 90 days already since my beloved when with the Lord. Then tears fell down and I sobbed because I missed the man of my life. The good memories came back in  my mind, then I smiled because I cherished every moment that we spent together, and then the bad memories injected in my mind especially when he was still in the hospital, the hard times, when I witnessed that his heart went to zero and the heart's monitor alarmed too loudly, and I panicked  calling the nurses and the doctors. As soon as the nurses and the doctors heard the alarmed, they rushed to our room, and set up the machine and revived him again.  And I was there every time they revived his heart. After he was back to life, the doctor asked him if he could remember everything, and he always said, " no, I remember nothing." and the doctor asked, he felt any pained, and he answered, " no I never feel any pain....I feel nothing."  It was a very painful experienced for me, seeing him dying. Many times, I prayed that God would extend his life, indeed, God truly extended his life, because God used the machine to bring him back to life for many, many, many times. He was confined at the hospital on October 25 and the Lord took his life on December 9, he was in the hospital for that long time.  Until the moment, he said to us, he doesn’t want to be revived again because he wanted to go home. When I first heard him saying like that, I was so much in pain, and I cried a lot and begging him not to give up. But seeing him in so much agony because there were seven ribs were broken due to the cpr. So, I gave up already and submitted everything into the Lord’s hand. 

Yes, I missed my husband very much. Until now, there was no nights that I never cried because I missed my sweetheart. It is very hard to loss someone that whom I loved so much. One thing truly gives me comfort is that; he was not in pain anymore, no more problem, no tiredness in life and he’s in the best place now.  Yes, I am sad because the reason why I am here in Canada now was because of him. And he has been gone for 90 days already. Most of the time, I pray that the Lord would divert my attention, everytime I miss my sweetheart because I don't want indulge  my loneliness and I couldn't sleep at all. God has been so faithful in diverting my attention, in many ways, just for me not to focus on my sad moments. Although, we had many plans in our life, but God’s plan is always the best. I never question God to what had happened to my sweetheart because I fully understand God’s will and plan in our lives. Although, it is very, very painful but God knows best!

This photo is very precious to me. He always wanted to hold my hands while we were talking and even he was asleep he still wanted to hold my hand. I missed him very much. Last week,I dreamed about him, and even in my dreamed we still hold hands.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Toronto Realty

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I have really been contemplating these days with regards to the very fast online search engines. For instance, if I wanted search on specific stuff I would really be able to search right away with out any hassles. Isn’t it wonderful that I could really do what I really love to do by just a clicking on something? I do sure that everyone does as I usually do. Am I right?

I am pretty sure that there have been many people these days have been trying to search real state homes online. And I bet some had truly found their homes that they really liked, and unknowingly, the homes that they really liked have sold already. And I am sure that they would feel so much frustration because they couldn’t get the homes that they really desire to purchase or invest with.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Blogging

I am here once again trying to check my blog. It has been awhile that I never visited my blog for some reasons. Well, the big reasons why I didn't visit this blog often it is because I feel like my ability or courage to write has gone. Right now, I am really encouraging myself to start writing again, I am really hoping that I will be as dedicated blogger as the first time I started blogging...:-) 

Well, well, well, all I can say is that I will really try my best for many times around to update this as much as I can. Well, it is also because of this A hand kids past a misplaced believer that I really wanted to update my blog. In other words, I wanted to start earning again through blogging...Litlit the dreamer to earn blogging once more! Happy blogging!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Since I arrived here, I have been so thankful to God for so many opportunities and privileges that I have been enjoying with.

1.      Finally here spending time with man I love.
2.     Finally am able to pray and read the Bible with my man and trying to grow more in the Lord together.
3.    Finally met new people and be able practice and enhance my English speaking ability which I honestly believe that I have truly been struggling and looking forward to be a fluent English speaker, particularly with my pronunciation which I am still struggling until now. To be honest, I am pretty much willing to learn and much more too open in accepting some corrections from my sweetheart or from anybody because I am so desperately want to improve my English speaking ability.
4.     Finally had my general check up for free. And I am very thankful to God for pouring out His favor for me to avail the free provincial health insurance. The advantage of having this health insurance is that I would be able to have all the different kinds of blood test, ultra sound for thyroid, abdominal, etc, x-ray and everything for free. Thank you LORD! I guess I shared here already that I had my medical check up a few weeks ago. And last Tuesday I already had my first time Thyroid ultra sound, and I will be able to know the result of it once I will have my follow up check soonest. By that time, I will be able to know what’s the status of my thyroid glands. And whatever the result is, I will still be thankful to my Living God because I always believe with all my heart that He can do all things beyond what I ask and imagine.

All these privileges happen it is all because of God’s great faithfulness. So, all glory and honor only belong to HIM. I love you, Lord God! Thank you for everything 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strong Vinyl Siding

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.


Our neighbors are remodeling their houses and some of them just started building their new houses too. And I am pretty sure that remodeling and building the houses would not be fun because there should be many things wanted to be done, but after seeing the houses are being done that will be very rewarding.

I am also thinking about the Royal Building Products, upon reading it, I was really impressed because for more than 40 years they have been distributing and manufactures genuine and leading materials of home remodeling, and innovative products including trim, accessories, mouldings, deck, windows profiles, patio and siding. As far as I've known, royal building Products has good vinyl siding that features a very natural woodgrain finish product, and it also achieve a high pressure test and could surely give us exceedingly year to year protection because of the re-designed nail hem to provide easy installation and it has high wind resistance. In addition, once the installation is done, you would see the range of popular exterior shades.

Well, right now, I am pretty ambitious because I would really want to have this kind of siding in our house. I think it is better for me to talk to my sweetheart about this first, before my ambitious feeling would really soar high.

 I also believe that all homeowners would always look for virtual remodeler. It is because virtual remodeler allows them to select the beautiful and new window styles and it also help visualizing many options of designs before purchasing.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Medical Check up

For a couple of years now, I have regularly been underwent mammogram and other physical check up annually or so. Just more than a week ago, I had my other physical check up, and I have been so thankful to God for the good result of my mammogram, good result thorough blood tests as well as my heart beating, etc.

Actually, my doctor talked good thing first, I mean he told me the good results of my other tests but after he told me all about the good results. He slowly told me the two undesirable results of my physical check up.

At first, he told me that my bones density is very low and I only have 55 counts that are very far from the borderline. He told me the borderline is 80 to 200 and he prescribed calcium 1000 mg and I have to take it for once a day only, which is very good deal for me.

The second unpleasant result was about my thyroid problem. He told me that my thyroid is overactive, thus I needed to continue on my thyroid medicine which I started a couple of years ago. But I stopped it for more than a year too thinking that I was healed from it. Anyways, I am not worrying about the two other unpleasant results of my medical check up. I know that I will be healed and my God will heal because by His stripe I am healed.

But I will surely be taking my medication faithfully from now on as my told me to do so. And this coming Tuesday I will be having a thyroid ultrasound just for a better precaution of my health.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning Galore

This post brought to you by Insurance Hunter. All opinions are 100% mine.

 Since I arrived here the land has been too white. It means, that the snow has never been completely gone away yet. And now, the spring is in the corner and I am very much excited to experience the spring life here in Canada.

Since the spring is here, I have some Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized.
  1. I have to wash first all our winter clothes and if some our winter clothes need to do dry cleaning I would also bring them to the dry cleaning shop. When our winter clothes are already clean I would surely put them back in our closet properly so that for the next coming winter I could easily find them when we use them again in next winter.
  2. I will also wash our curtains in our bedroom, living room and our dining room. And I will surely change our curtain by using the floweret curtains and I am very sure that once I will change them they will surely look beautiful.
  3. I will clean our desks and I arrange the flowerpots onto a nice place and I will also trim some of the long branches of the plants.
 Once done cleaning, I am excited to start my driving lessons but before doing so I think it is good for me to look for auto insurance quotes. And I found that insurance hunter is the best online insurance both Ontario and Alberta. Perfect because I am living in Alberta province so this is the right one for me. By the way, if you are living in Ontario or Alberta I really urge you to read Insurance hunters blog post and also visit Insurance Hunter website and I am very sure that you get what you look for. 

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