Saturday, November 30, 2013

Toronto Realty

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I have really been contemplating these days with regards to the very fast online search engines. For instance, if I wanted search on specific stuff I would really be able to search right away with out any hassles. Isn’t it wonderful that I could really do what I really love to do by just a clicking on something? I do sure that everyone does as I usually do. Am I right?

I am pretty sure that there have been many people these days have been trying to search real state homes online. And I bet some had truly found their homes that they really liked, and unknowingly, the homes that they really liked have sold already. And I am sure that they would feel so much frustration because they couldn’t get the homes that they really desire to purchase or invest with.

Have you ever experienced such frustration? If you did, then this Search Toronto Realty is best for you because this website offers an accurate listing on homes online and this supply with the best archive of available homes for sales in the marketplace. If you are living in Toronto this is your easiest time for you look for the home online just click the site and I also encourage you to visit and this will bring you through the good website that would give you satisfaction.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Blogging

I am here once again trying to check my blog. It has been awhile that I never visited my blog for some reasons. Well, the big reasons why I didn't visit this blog often it is because I feel like my ability or courage to write has gone. Right now, I am really encouraging myself to start writing again, I am really hoping that I will be as dedicated blogger as the first time I started blogging...:-) 

Well, well, well, all I can say is that I will really try my best for many times around to update this as much as I can. Well, it is also because of this A hand kids past a misplaced believer that I really wanted to update my blog. In other words, I wanted to start earning again through blogging...Litlit the dreamer to earn blogging once more! Happy blogging!!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Since I arrived here, I have been so thankful to God for so many opportunities and privileges that I have been enjoying with.

1.      Finally here spending time with man I love.
2.     Finally am able to pray and read the Bible with my man and trying to grow more in the Lord together.
3.    Finally met new people and be able practice and enhance my English speaking ability which I honestly believe that I have truly been struggling and looking forward to be a fluent English speaker, particularly with my pronunciation which I am still struggling until now. To be honest, I am pretty much willing to learn and much more too open in accepting some corrections from my sweetheart or from anybody because I am so desperately want to improve my English speaking ability.
4.     Finally had my general check up for free. And I am very thankful to God for pouring out His favor for me to avail the free provincial health insurance. The advantage of having this health insurance is that I would be able to have all the different kinds of blood test, ultra sound for thyroid, abdominal, etc, x-ray and everything for free. Thank you LORD! I guess I shared here already that I had my medical check up a few weeks ago. And last Tuesday I already had my first time Thyroid ultra sound, and I will be able to know the result of it once I will have my follow up check soonest. By that time, I will be able to know what’s the status of my thyroid glands. And whatever the result is, I will still be thankful to my Living God because I always believe with all my heart that He can do all things beyond what I ask and imagine.

All these privileges happen it is all because of God’s great faithfulness. So, all glory and honor only belong to HIM. I love you, Lord God! Thank you for everything 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Strong Vinyl Siding

This post brought to you by Royal Building Products. All opinions are 100% mine.


Our neighbors are remodeling their houses and some of them just started building their new houses too. And I am pretty sure that remodeling and building the houses would not be fun because there should be many things wanted to be done, but after seeing the houses are being done that will be very rewarding.

I am also thinking about the Royal Building Products, upon reading it, I was really impressed because for more than 40 years they have been distributing and manufactures genuine and leading materials of home remodeling, and innovative products including trim, accessories, mouldings, deck, windows profiles, patio and siding. As far as I've known, royal building Products has good vinyl siding that features a very natural woodgrain finish product, and it also achieve a high pressure test and could surely give us exceedingly year to year protection because of the re-designed nail hem to provide easy installation and it has high wind resistance. In addition, once the installation is done, you would see the range of popular exterior shades.

Well, right now, I am pretty ambitious because I would really want to have this kind of siding in our house. I think it is better for me to talk to my sweetheart about this first, before my ambitious feeling would really soar high.

 I also believe that all homeowners would always look for virtual remodeler. It is because virtual remodeler allows them to select the beautiful and new window styles and it also help visualizing many options of designs before purchasing.

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Medical Check up

For a couple of years now, I have regularly been underwent mammogram and other physical check up annually or so. Just more than a week ago, I had my other physical check up, and I have been so thankful to God for the good result of my mammogram, good result thorough blood tests as well as my heart beating, etc.

Actually, my doctor talked good thing first, I mean he told me the good results of my other tests but after he told me all about the good results. He slowly told me the two undesirable results of my physical check up.

At first, he told me that my bones density is very low and I only have 55 counts that are very far from the borderline. He told me the borderline is 80 to 200 and he prescribed calcium 1000 mg and I have to take it for once a day only, which is very good deal for me.

The second unpleasant result was about my thyroid problem. He told me that my thyroid is overactive, thus I needed to continue on my thyroid medicine which I started a couple of years ago. But I stopped it for more than a year too thinking that I was healed from it. Anyways, I am not worrying about the two other unpleasant results of my medical check up. I know that I will be healed and my God will heal because by His stripe I am healed.

But I will surely be taking my medication faithfully from now on as my told me to do so. And this coming Tuesday I will be having a thyroid ultrasound just for a better precaution of my health.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Spring Cleaning Galore

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 Since I arrived here the land has been too white. It means, that the snow has never been completely gone away yet. And now, the spring is in the corner and I am very much excited to experience the spring life here in Canada.

Since the spring is here, I have some Tips for getting your spring cleaning chores organized.
  1. I have to wash first all our winter clothes and if some our winter clothes need to do dry cleaning I would also bring them to the dry cleaning shop. When our winter clothes are already clean I would surely put them back in our closet properly so that for the next coming winter I could easily find them when we use them again in next winter.
  2. I will also wash our curtains in our bedroom, living room and our dining room. And I will surely change our curtain by using the floweret curtains and I am very sure that once I will change them they will surely look beautiful.
  3. I will clean our desks and I arrange the flowerpots onto a nice place and I will also trim some of the long branches of the plants.
 Once done cleaning, I am excited to start my driving lessons but before doing so I think it is good for me to look for auto insurance quotes. And I found that insurance hunter is the best online insurance both Ontario and Alberta. Perfect because I am living in Alberta province so this is the right one for me. By the way, if you are living in Ontario or Alberta I really urge you to read Insurance hunters blog post and also visit Insurance Hunter website and I am very sure that you get what you look for. 

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Most Memorable One

It was one Sunday morning at church I was preparing myself for my cellgroup. I was sitting on my favorite seat inside the church while waiting for the person in charge to announce to go to our respective rooms for our cell groups’ classes. I was really wondering because the time ran the in-charged just stood up in front and seemed was waiting for something. And when I looked at around many were wearing red tops but still I really wondered why we never went to our rooms. Every time, I looked at to the eyes of the in-changed, she would only smiled and looked far behind, and until the quick moment, one of the church leaders stood up and spoke in front. And the way, she spoke, I got it already that they were preparing something for me. But by just looking at their red tops attire I didn't have any hints about their planned were.

As soon as the church leader spoke up, my tears were falling already because I started missing them but I still convinced my mind that I would not cry because I really wanted to make that day a memorable one. But hiding my feelings from the congregation I wasn't that successful while the young people, church leaders, and my cellgroups rendered some songs I cried more. I didn't dare to look at the congregation because I don’t want them seeing me crying. When the master of ceremony called our senior pastor’s wife to give some farewell or encouraging words. I stared to my pastor’s wife and listened carefully to what she said… about me…. then she started crying, and I cried more again and again. And I thought the mc would not call me to stand up in front and say something but I was wrong because he called me and let me spoke in front of them. Then I was really crying and I don’t know what to say right at that moment. Although, I used to stand up in front of them like leading the church activities, teaching Sunday School and even preaching but that time I was a bit speechless and so overwhelmed with the very surprised farewell program that they prepared for me.

 One thing that I was really so thankful to God is that while I was waiting to embark to the other country, God used me to be the channel of His great blessings to church, friends, family and unbeliever friends and they became believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. All these things happened, this is because of God’s great faithfulness that never changes…

To all my churchmates, church leaders, my beloved pastors, youths and children thank you all so much. I love you all and I miss you all.
It's me wiping my eyes I wouldn't forget this moment. Thank you Lord for my churchmates. Please continue to bless the church.
On my side is one of the church leaders. I am so blessed to be part of their lives and this time they sung "Journey" and they sung it beautifully. I miss you all..teary-eyed here...
It's my time to speak....speechless at first but I was able to manage it and bring my the laughter in the congregation. I cried and laugh so the listeners too.
And the finale, they gave something special and some of my friends gave some souvenirs too. I will try to take picture of the souvenirs that they gave me and I will post it here in the future.Thank you, my church mates  All the glory belong to You alone Lord!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Home Remodeling

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Royal Building Products for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yes, time really flies too fast! It seems it was just yesterday that I stepped on this foreign land and been here in the house of my beloved. And upon stepping my feet in this house, I found out lots of interesting stuff that really needs some attentions. For instance, the two decks in both sides of the house, upon looking at them I think they really need to be repainted or renovated. Am I sound so meticulous now? LOL
And I found out something online that Royal Building Products manufactures distributes genuine and leading materials for innovative home remodeling including vinyl siding, sliding doors, trim, deck, accessories, soffit, rain ware, mouldings, window profiles, and patio doors. I also learned that this company offers good and unique style of our home and it surely has authentic trademark and the durability of the products would surely be hundred percent assured last much longer we would much expect and with a very low of maintenance.
Since, our decks need some renovations, I think it’s time to look for good one. And one thing that really caught my eye is that the Zuri decking I could really see that they truly build beautiful decks by using the good quality of hardwood that carries the natural beauty of the finish product, and of course it surely last for along period of time with the very low cost of maintenance.
I also believe that all homeowners would always look for a good company that caters  individual specially in beautifying the home. If you need something for genuine home remodeling please visit Royal Building Products because I believe that all you have been looking for will be met.

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Saturday, February 2, 2013

It Is Finally Here

I was so happy that I was part of the students retreat since I've made myself available to do the work of HIM. Today, it was so wonderful witnessing the lives of the college students being transformed, and above all, they accepted the most important gift in life.

And when we were about to finish the retreat today, someone was phoning me, and when I saw it, it was one of my friends’ number, and when I answered it, she immediately told me that I’ve got mail from the embassy, and when I heard that it was from the embassy, I never doubt at all that it was my important document. Right after we've finished the activity, I went straight to the place where my friend lives and got my mail. At the moment I held my mail; I truly thank God for answering my prayers.

At first, the 24 months of waiting for the processing of my papers and plus the almost three months of waiting my visa had finally ended up. And when I arrived home, I asked my sister to be with me while I would be opening the mail, and she was there with me smiling. And the funny part, I immediately grabbed my passport and tried to look for my visa in it, and I couldn't find it, and I told to my sister, there's no visa in it, so I put my passport on the table, and I looked at the other documents, and looked for my visa, but still I couldn't find any. On the other hand, my sister was there trying to browse and my pp and then she shouted, ate, your visa is in your pp...! Then she handed my pp and I laughed because I saw it already, and I said, thank You LORD! It is already here!

And now, I am really looking forward to embark a new pace of my life. But guess what? I have these mixed feelings, but I have to overcome this feeling because this has been my desired and prayers for so many years. And the time has come.

Thank you so much for your favor dear Lord.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Students Retreat

It’s already been a week since the previous retreat of the college students of VCI and there were sixty plus students who accepted the Lord. And the good thing is that the respond of the students who have been willing to undergo a Bible Study is really good. So, this week, the coordinator has already been started the Bible Study with the students who responded.

One thing that I have been so thankful that I have become a part of this noble retreat and God uses me to facilitate which I have been so thankful to God that He made me a channel of blessing to the youths. Which I really love to do since I got saved, to reach out those who have never been experienced the ultimate Love of Jesus.

To be honest, I am always looking forward to share the Gospel of God to the other group of students who would be joining the retreat tonight until tomorrow afternoon. According to the coordinator, there will be more than sixty students would be joining.

 I am really pondering myself that God has been opening His door to reach out the college students through the life of His child who has been working in that institution and so willing to be used by God as channel of blessing of salvation to all her students. I have this in my heart now that God is truly working upon the lives of His children to feel His heart beats, to spread the Gospel of Salvation to everyone. Thank God! Here we are very much willing to respond to HIS Noble Call.

And I am so thankful to God that every time there would be an opportunity for me to share His love. HE is always there to touch the heart of everyone who has been listening to HIS word. Indeed, God is always at works!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Security Guard

Yesterday, the weather was too cold, and it was so nice to just lay in bed and sleep, but for the whole day, I never had a chance to lay down for some reasons.

When night came, while I was feeding my niece I felt so sleepy and I wanted to sleep early. But since I promised my niece that I let her watch one movie “Barbie” after she had her dinner. So I had to keep my promised, I let her watched an hour movie. When got finished watching, we prayed and we went to sleep. And at the moment I lied back in bed, I felt asleep right away, I think it was because of the very cold weather that brought me to a deep sleep, I guess. JJJ

And around 11pm, I was quick awake, and I whispered prayer for God’s protection, and then I felt asleep again. And I woke again at my waking up time at 4:30 in the morning. And took my Bible & my journal at the kitchen’s table where I called that place as my private place wherein I could date with my Living God. After I’ve done my devotional, I went outside to clean up the toilet, and putting some water on the basins. While I was putting the water, the so called security guard at school came and harshly asked if I hid the container or transfer it anywhere. I answered straight, that I didn’t hid the container nor I transfer it anywhere because it was not my attitude to get others’ belonging without any permission. And then he continued, then who took the container, and I told him “ I don’t know”, then he finally realized that it was stolen by the thief or thieves. Huh…Well, well, well, well. I think you could guess what kind of guard he I don’t want to speak out what’s in my mind now. LOL Anyways, it happens sometimes even at the big establishments and the security guards have been guarding well and not inside the room sleeping. How much more here? The guard is always soundly asleep in the office. LOL LOL LOL Enough... for that LOL 

One thing that I really thank the Lord is that He protected us from any harm lastnight and God also protected my laundries that have been hanging on the cloth lines until now. Oh, I remember something now. We back in 1990’s I was deeply asleep, and I was awaken at the middle of night, and I went straight outside and took some of my laundry and put them inside the parsonage. And when I got up in the morning, I saw that some of my laundries that I left outside were gone. Right that moment, I realized that it was God who woke up me and guided me to keep my important stuff. Good that I kept my stuff without delayed.

I really thank God that I have Him my Faithful and eternal Security guard who never feel slumber or asleep in watching me (His children).Thank You, thank You dear Lord for your protection! Please protect us always. I love You!

Friday, January 18, 2013


Oh, blissful blog. I think you might wonder why I said blissful blog. Well, I said it, because the pagerank of this blog has never gone away, although, I only wrote  9 articles, in 2013, and the last one post was dated, August 27, 2012, and yet, the PR1 is still existing, thank you so much Mr. Google, and thank you ever so much to all who have been visiting my blog all over the universe. I truly salute you all! J

The tickling part is that, every time I opened up my blog, I really noticed that everyday there would be someone clicking my blog, and it really made my day. Actually, last year, I didn't open my blog as often as I could, just too lazy to open, and I had in my mind that I had nothing to post on it. So, I left it for awhile, without even thinking to go back in blogging. Indeed, the super laziness jiffies in me for not only a short time but for a quite long period. But, three days ago, I have to have to overcome those laziness attacks in me; I would really try my best to write a blog post as often as I can. If possible, write an article twice or even once in a week, for me, it wouldn't that bad, at least, this would continually be updated.

And thing more that I needed to be doing since I have been back on this blogging art, I would start again in visiting the blogposts of my co-bloggers. For me, it is really nice to visit other blogs because I've learned lots from their writing ability as well. I admit myself, I am not really good in writing, but I have been trying to improve it, and through writing blog posts, I’ve noticed that I could write a little..huh. Am I boasting now? LOL. I hope I am not. Anyway, this is all for now, before my mouth and my hands type too much. Once again, thank you, thank you so much for the search engine for allowing to be searched by the researchers. More power! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Past and Future

Upon looking at the calendar early this morning, it has already been 18 days today since this year embarks.  And I have been contemplating what would have been the fruitful and memorable stuff, I would rather say, the things that truly pleased in God’s sight, which I had done in 2012. And I would like to recall also the things in the past and future that I really need to improve for this year, 2013.

As I gazed back, I found a few things:

1.       I was able to re-read the Bible, the Old Testament twice and half of the New Testament once. Although it was my goal to finish reading the books of the Bible in a year. Since, I re-read  the Old Testament twice, so I wouldn't be able to finish reading to the New Testament.
2.       I have been handling 3 cell groups in a week. And I have been so thankful to God for using me to mentor His children and to usher souls to HIS feet. And all my cell group members have been growing in their faith. This is very important in Kingdom’s sake.
3.       My family members have been growing in the Lord, although, there have been lots of shaking in all aspects, but God finally settled and calmed down everything. I would heartily say, God has given us the victory to face every attack of the enemy. Thank you Lord for protecting my whole family members.
4.       I was able to teach Sunday Class for the adult and young people.
All the Glory belongs to my Faithful God alone.

Here are the things that I needed to improve in 2013

1.       Finish reading the whole Books of the Bible.
2.       Increase my time in studying and meditating the word of God
3.       Increase my prayer time
4.       To reach out the lost through Bible Study.
5.       To improve my English ability.
6.       To lose more kilos. The bad thing that really happened to me in 2012, I gained too much weight, for me, it was beyond my expectation.
7.       To do my diet honestly and do my exercise regularly.

I am very sure that I couldn't do these if I am lack of determination to do. But I will really try to do my best to do faithfully of what I have been written above. So, please help me, dear Lord. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dated With HIM

The first thing that I did when this 2013 embarked I sat on the mat at my brother’s house, and read my Bible. I chose my brother’s house because it was quiet, and I could truly make a good date with my Loving and Eternal Father which no one was talking nor the little one roaming around. Indeed, it was a quiet place for me, although, I could still hear the bushing nuisance outside, especially at my other brother’s house because all my siblings gathered there to lit the fireworks, etc.

Well, back to my date with my Faithful father. I meditated His word from Psalm 63:1-8. Yes, I truly thirst the presence of God that why I chose to spend time with Him first before I joined my siblings feasting. So, at 1:00 in the morning, I went to my other brother’s house where my family were gathered and feasted.

Actually, before midnight, we had our dinner together, and prayed already. What I needed that time was to spend with my Father and heard HIS voice. I am very glad that I dated with HIM on the first minutes of this year. God knows my desire and commitment to spend more time with HIM all throughout the year and the years to come.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Faithful God of the Harvest-Mellow Yellow Monday

We just celebrated God’s great faithfulness in the church, for two years God blesses us so much, and He saved lots of souls through our lives, and His church has been growing continually, I remember that at first there were only less than twenty of His children left, but we never stop declaring and worshipping our  True and Living God. Until, we’ve proved that we have been in a right tract in continuing the fellowship, and we always believe that when God blesses His church nobody could quench the power of God to bless His church, His people, and Ministry, and everything that He has bestowed unto His children.  After to what had happened to His church two years ago, He truly restored what has been broken, and blesses it bountifully. Indeed, He is the God who truly sees the situation, and He is the God who restores everything.

When God is at work, surely His work will expand continually, and because God blsses His church, just this last week, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. And because of His great faithfulness, He increases the number of His children to come to church and worship Him alone. From less than 20 God increases the numbers into 100 plus worshippers every Sunday, that’s only during the second worship, not to mention the first service attendees. Glory to GOD alone.

All I can say, God would always at works during the tribulation of HIS church. Indeed, He alone who receives all the glory and honor.

By the way, our theme was the one written on the tarp, and I would love to join this photo on today’s mimi, yellow mellow. Indeed, He is the God of the harvest.
What have been written on this photo was our theme on our second church anniversary. This is a tarp only, but this really looks pretty in the pulpit in the our church, I would that this a beautiful tarp . To God be the glory!



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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My white Mug-Wednesday Whites

Oh, it has been a long time that I didn't join this mimi due to the reason that my gadgets were all broken. :-( Today, I was browsing my photos and I found my favorite mug with green tea in it. So, I decided to join this mimi,

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Alone And Blue

It has been almost three since I have transferred and live in the church. On the first night of my stayed here my heart aches because I was really really missing my little ones and I ended up crying. But for some big reasons I had to have to transfer to the place where I am now. And thing that I really thankful to God that at least God allowed me to look after my little ones in many ways while I was still near with them. Anyway, I am not totally gone in their presence because every time and then I would be able to visit them as much as I want.

Well, back to my church life. Generally, I really enjoy and happy here the fact that I could be going to my Bible Studies without spending too much for my fare back and forth. Besides, since I was got saved, if I was not mistaken, since I was in my high school I was staying with my pastor's family and I am truly used to stay at the parsonage. But now, it has  a great difference because before I stayed with my spiritual parents but now I am alone stay in the Parsonage. But the good thing is that during day time my pastor and his wife are here in the church so I am not really alone during day but at night I surely be sleeping alone. For me, being alone is not that easy. Well, before I used to stay alone while I was in Thailand but since I stayed with my little ones, I had hard time coping up the feeling of being alone and blue.

Oh, by the way, when I am feeling so lonely and blue, God has been so faithful of sending some of His children to stay with me. For instance, the teachers at the kindergarten would happily to come to the parsonage and stay with me until morning. See, how faithful is my God to grant my desire not to stay alone most of the nights.God is really faithful in many ways.

Monday, April 2, 2012

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

BP Oil Spill Attorney

I think every one of us has been able to watch the news about the Gulf coast oil spill. Oh, upon looking at the pictures, I could really see the big damage that has been expanded in the coast, and it is not a joke at all. And I am pretty sure that the victims have been able to get good oil spill lawyers or oil spill attorneys   to depend and to stand for them and to be able to get the claim that they should be getting by consulting bp lawyer and gulf oil spill attorneys. I could really see that these law firms have the power to stand for the victims’ rights for their lost and to get oil spill claims, but it also depends on the amount of the claimants.

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